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Victim or Warrior…You choose

Monday, February 29th, 2016

What is in a word?

A whole lot.

Stupid, loser, quitter, weak, nothing.

Compentant, winner, fighter, strong, Warrior.

As you read those words can you connect with their meanings? Perhaps even identify with them. Emotions are attached to each of these words as there are emotions attached to how we identify these words with our own selves.

We have all been labeled with many titles by parents, coaches, bullies and even ourselves. How we think about ourselves makes a very big difference in how we approach our life and what we do and how we live. I wholeheartedly believe Proverbs 23:7, “For as he thinks within himself, so he is.” is not only a truth but a key to living. What you think about yourself can determine your destiny.

I learned this most powerfully seeing how this principle worked with my daughter. When she was 6 years old she was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma; an aggressive malignant cancer. It was crushing, devastating and gut-wrenching. As I saw my beautiful little girl who loved all things girly and pink lose her lovely hair because of the side effects of treatment my heart sunk as I saw her begin to cry. We cried together and I shaved my head to show her support and love which seemed to make her feel better in her weakened state.

But then I saw something marvelous. Once she accepted that her hair was gone her mommy had a talk with her where she shared with her “You know Boey…your new style doesn’t look bad at all, as a matter of fact honey, YOU LOOK LIKE A WARRIOR.”

That was a pivotal time in my little girl’s life. I watched her eyes in that very moment as she considered and then adopted the title of warrior. It was very important because I noticed her transforming from victim to fighter. I observed how her thinking was changed by adopting this word, this title of “WARRIOR” even thought she was a cute little 6 year old girl.

When we were in the hospital and she was puking from the chemo she cried like any kid would but then she would proclaim, “I’m fighting as hard as I can.” Being a warrior gave her an identity of not just a target of cancer but rather someone who was exercising authority over it and not letting it dictate to her how to live. The title of warrior seemed to direct all sorts of thinking in her heart and so therefore, “so became she.”

This was a very unique thing to witness for me. I’m sure her mother and I encouraged her in this but she took it to another level in the most difficult circumstances any person of any age can face. She coined the phrase, “Be strong, Never Give Up, Believe and it can happen” to which she shared with other kids fighting cancer to encourage them. Because of her attitude we were able to face the things that were thrown at us with hope and experience a deep love and relationship that changed my attitude toward life. I saw this adoption of identity made a big difference.

This is why I have named this BLOG NeverGiveUpWarrior. Because of the example my daughter set. I want to live life with that identity, one of a warrior and the attitude of Not Giving Up. defines warrior as “a person engaged or experienced in warfare; soldier.” It defines warfare as, “conflict, especially when vicious and unrelenting”

Sounds like life does it not? Life is full of conflict and it can indeed be vicious and most definitely is unrelenting.

When you approach the conflicts of life with the mindset not as a victim but rather a warrior you are recognizing the truth that life is a struggle and it can be hard but when you think of yourself as a warrior you do something about it. You engage in the struggle. You tell that cancer, “I am fighting and will not lay down.” You tell your debt or your weight or your grief, “I am going to fight you, I am not just going to lay down and allow you or the conflicts of life dictate to me what my life will be. I am going to fight.”

If you are reading these words you too can be a “warrior” Pick up the mantle. Face your conflicts with attitude. I saw my 6 year old little girl do it and it made all the difference in our lives. I am so thankful because it inspired and changed me forever.

I am a warrior and I will Never Give Up.

Want to join me?


Saturday, March 25th, 2006

Today Boey was in a particularly goofy mood with her Grandpa James. She was laughing and explaining how the medicine she is on kills the cancer with their big ole boots stomping. I laughed because it was so cute. Right now tears are in my eyes because I am thinking about my baby girl having cancer and even in that she makes me laugh. Strange. Life is full of strange things right now. We are enjoying many things like the Blazer game and the love of many people but it is strange to place the reason why. (Dad)

“What? It can come BACK?!!”

Sunday, March 19th, 2006

Boey really wanted one on one time with mommy today, we had a special dinner together at her very favorite China Buffet. I was kind of having a serious/funny talk with her about how important all the natural supplements are right now. I explained to her this is why she isn’t getting any mouth sores, she doesn’t throw up, she’s basically kicking major cancer butt. I told her how proud I am of her for taking so much stuff during the day, but every time she does she’s winning this very nasty battle(haha cancer..that was a tiny Boeyism)…After exhaustingly explaining all this, she was tracking with the conversation, totally into it, then I mentioned how important it is that she eats good and continues to do this with all the supplements even after a year of chemotherapy and they know the cancer is gone, because we don’t ever want it to hurt you again and come back. Big Boeyism, she says” WHAT? All this work I’m doing and it could come back?”  Um, yeah, I was a little caught off guard on that one….everything just hit me, she really is a fighter and is doing SO much and she is a lifer when it comes to the cancer battle. She pretty much summed it up in that one sentence. I’m glad that God is on our side, and all you prayer warriors, keep the prayers coming!!!

Brown Pill

Thursday, March 16th, 2006

Today Boey said, “Look dad a new brown pill that I can take; (Its to help kick cancer’s butt.)”

I know why I have cancer

Tuesday, February 28th, 2006

Boey: “Mom, I think I know why I have cancer”!

Mommy: “Really Boey? Why?

Boey: “Because daddy farts all the time”!!!!

(I’m sure dad will appreciate this one…but it had to be shared….I laughed so hard I cried…just keep up those boeyisms’ll be just fine…and stop farting dad…sheeshhh)