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Jenessa gets her Radiation mask

Wednesday, April 12th, 2006


Jenessa got fitted for her mask that will hold her head still during radiation. It was very strange to see this. They then took a scan of the tumor area to map out where they are going to pinpoint the radiation. I am thankful that we live in this decade where technology makes this process more accurate. It is still very scary.(Dad)
This is mom…I had to make a comment about the radiation mask. It was surreal seeing her like this. I didn’t expect it at all. She was laying there lifeless(from the sedation), and had this freaky mask on, I had to run out of the room and I was bawling. It really scared me, but I know in the end, it’s for the best. I wish we could get back to our lives, this cancer is a real pain, I really hate how much of our life has been stolen from us. We definitely will not be defeated. There has been so many good things that have come out of this ordeal, so I will focus on those to get us through. Again, thankyou for your continued prayers for our little bald and extremely brave cancer warrior! We couldn’t do this without God and all your wonderful support:)!!

Blood Counts Are Up!!

Saturday, March 18th, 2006

Boey was so brave, each time she gets her port accessed, she gets braver and it takes less and less time!! Today we put the numbing cream on her port an hour before her access, and she didn’t even hesitate, just let it happen, she is amazing! When dad first saw the size of the port needle he wanted to hide, so we are so so proud of her. The best part of course is that her blood counts are staying high, and that means no delays in her treatment plan and we continue on frying this nasty tumor!! You go baby girl, everyone is proud of you and how brave, strong, and smart you are!!  You know that taking all those billions of supplements(naturopathic)are so worth it and helping your body fight…so so proud of you( I think grandpa was right though, the pills are starting to come out of your ears)!!

Another day another ER.

Wednesday, January 25th, 2006

Day went along the same as usual but at bedtime again Jenessa got a nosebleed and spit out a small piece of meat. It looked like gristle you would pick out of your teeth after a BBQ. So we went to A different ER. They also said everything looked fine, don’t worry. Fat chance. Being married for 8 years I have learned when to sit back and let my wife be aggressive so I let her. I figured the doctors were or should be trained in how to handle it. If not OH Well. I still was believing the doc when he said everything looked fine but he was very helpful and complied with Rachel’s wishes to get an Xray to try to find out where this stuff came from. No answers yet, just reassurances.