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Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

Dear Friends

The Believe For Boey Foundation is a REALITY. The foundation has been established as a Charity to help improve the quality of life for children and families suffering from pediatric cancer. It is our mission to provide financial, spiritual, emotional and educational support to everyone in need. In order to do this we have set up an online community where people can do all of these things together.  The website is now public and we need your help! We are asking that you go to this address and create your own profile. We would like you to add pictures, and videos of your family, yourself or anything that matters to you. While you are on the site please go to the forums and start a discussion. We also ask that you visit all the amazing features of the website, and add stuff as you wish, please! Keep in mind that this community is for everyone, especially those that have been effected by cancer or want to help in the fight against cancer. If you would like to help spread the word on myspace or facebook click here
to get a unique BelieveForBoey badge that you can add to your facebook and myspace profiles. The permanent website address is

  Many of you have heard that we will be raising money for the charity and our outreach efforts by selling teddy bears. This is true. We are currently finishing the final elements of Boeys Bears. Boeys Bears is a wonderful place where you can purchase teddy bears and other charitable gifts for yourself or you can donate them to families and children in need. The website will be part of the charity “Believe For Boey Foundation”. This will be our main funding source beside charitable donations. We anticipate that the site will be live online by September 23rd, 2008. The website can be accessed from as well as its main address Please bear with us as we make our preparations for this launch, we know you are as eager as we are.

Additionally; Many of you are very eager to deliver teddy bears to children around the world. Thankyou for your loving kind hearts, but right now we are asking PLEASE do not do this at this time of preparation. Families and children suffering from cancer have so much they are dealing with on so many levels, we want to approach them with the upmost respect, care, compassion, love, and sensitivity. We ask that you do not proceed with any independent efforts to reach out in this way. Believe for Boey foundation is developing an international program to deliver resources, love, spiritual guidance, and smiles to families and children in need. The program is a delicate matter and has taken a great deal of time and energy to develop. We anticipate that within the next 6 months we will roll out this program that will allow “approved” individuals to participate. Please watch the website to learn more. The best thing that you can do for these families for now is to make a donation to The Believe for Boey Foundation, your money will go directly to families and children suffering from pediatric cancer. Currently we are establishing procedures to facilitate contributions. We ask that you create a profile on and we will notify everyone when our donation terminal is active.  Your support means the world to our family and to Boeys’ legacy. Thank you for taking the time to help make all of Boey’s dreams, passions and legacy come true. God Bless In Christ’s Love,

The Byers family and Jeff Palumbo(Byers family friend)

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