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Wednesday, September 20th, 2006

Boey is doing well right now. Her counts were pretty low last week..neutropenic..but the power of prayer has carried her through, she hasn’t had any fevers, thankGOD. Her platelets have never been this low(they are always over 100,000), they are now 30,000. What’s even more amazing, is when the nurse told us how low all her counts were we didn’t believe her because Boey has been more spunky and sassy than EVER!! This is the first time ever she hasn’t been sick from being neutropenic, or extremely fatigued from low hemoglobin. We give all the glory to God and all the prayer warriors out there. Our heartfelt gratitude to all of you for Believing in Boey and praying your hearts out during this time. 

 Last week after receiving her Vincristine she wasn’t doing to hot. She rarely complains about any of the harsh side effects of the chemo. We were driving home from the hospital and she just started going off about how this chemo is really making her sick, how she outright refuses to get more chemo(said she is going to hide on the day of her big chemo), wants her old life back SO bad, misses all her friends, wants this to be over NOW, and then the heartwrenching “WHY ME MOM? HUH? WHY DO I HAVE TO GET STUPID CANCER? I’M JUST A LITTLE GIRL WHO WANTS TO BE WITH HER FRIENDS AND PLAY”. I pulled the car over, sat on the side of the road and we just held eachother. We had our warrior pep talk, and I kept reassuring her that this battle is almost over. I reminded her that NOV 21st is not that far away..she is SO CLOSE!! I want to thank someone special for their impeccable timing. Your message to her lifted her spirits like you wouldn’t believe. THANK YOU. She is so excited about NOV 21st…she calls it her CHRISSY CD AND CANCER FREE DAY!! WHOHOOOOO!! 

Her next chemo is tomorrow. Her big chemo is Sept 28th, they might put if off a couple days, but so far that’s the plan. After that big chemo, she will continue with weekly chemo’s(just the Vincristine) and the big overnight chemo every three weeks. NOV 21ST CAN’T COME SOON ENOUGH!! 

 She just keeps showing this “stupid tumor”( Boey’s exact words) who is BOSS!! She is the most AMAZING child in the world. Not only is she kickin this “stupid tumor’s” bootie, she is DETERMINED to help other lil warriors in their fight. She is on a mission! She blows us away. She wants to help all the kids who are going through this nightmare right now, and be there hope and inspiration. She told me “if they just see how hard I fought and won mom, they will win too”. A shout out to all you incredible warriors!! Nick and Mack..Boey loves YOU so much and she wants you to know she is right there with you with FULL BOEY TUDE WARRIOR ARMOR ON!!!

We will be posting the consult results with our surgeon soon. ThankGod my hubby recorded the consult. We’ve been told so many different things by so many different docs, we were determined to not let that happen again. We sat our surgeon down for an hour and asked him so many questions, all of which were answered. FINALLY!! We only had to wait 6 months to find out things we were never even told back in February!! To all you parents out there going through this..please make one on one consults with your primary docs throughout the treatment plan. It’s VERY important so you don’t become to confused like we did.  We are soooo beyond exhausted with all the different feedback from so many different doctors. Yes, it’s a teaching school, we understand and respect that. But we just want to talk to OUR PRIMARY DOCTOR. So we made an appt for a consult with Boey’s two main pediatric oncologists for next week. We also have a few consult appts. for second opinions, we can’t WAIT!!

We will update with the surgeon’s exciting consult soon. BELIEVE IN BOEY and KEEP THE PRAYERS COMING. Love and hugs to all that have been there for us through this difficult time, couldn’t have done it without YOU. Boey is winning and kickin some serious cancer bootie..with some VERY serious BOEY TUDE!! GO BOEY!! YOUR SO CLOSE BABY GIRL!! WE LOVE YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH BEAUTIFUL AND BRAVE GIRL..YOU ARE AMAZING!!

“I Have My Chrissy’s Beanie mommie, nothing can hurt me”.

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

    We are still in a dream like state from last Friday night. I just wanted to write a quick update and let everyone know Boey is continuing to kick cancer’s nasty bootie and she’s stronger than ever. After Friday night, yeah..she was exhausted for sure, but something happened. Before Friday night, she didn’t want to go through with any more chemo, she was getting to her breaking point. It’s been heartwrenching. Ever since Friday night, Boey has been glowing. She has her “Chrissy” sparkle shining bright from within. NOTHING can take that away from her, especially the nasty side effects of the toxic poisons tomorrow. Please pray for strength, healing, and protection over her tiny body. Her fighting spirit has been strengthened by an amazing human being who gave his love and time. Tonight we were cuddling on the couch, acting silly, and Boey wouldn’t stop kissing my’s these moments that I cherish and hold onto. She looked me in the eyes and said ” I’m not scared about my chemo tomorrow mommie, I have ”Chrissy” hugs in my heart and my “Chrissy’s” beanie, NOTHING can hurt me”. Thankyou with all our heart Chris for giving her such an amazing gift….strength to carry on and WIN, thank you.

“The Best Night Of My Life Mommy!!”

Saturday, September 2nd, 2006



There are no real words still to express lastnight. Our whole family is walking around in a surreal dream like state. I woke up this morning and the tears came big time, I couldn’t stop crying. I feel like we could never put the right words into what lastnight meant or what even happened, feels like an amazing dream that we all experienced at the same time and were all asking eachother “did lasntight really happen? Did you have the same dream as me?” Absolutely mindblowing. Have you ever felt like you experienced something so incredible that you are actually speechless? I’m just rambling on right now grasping at words that are not doing lastnight any justice. Seriously, I think we’ll let the pics speak for themselves. These pics are priceless. Chris went above and beyond lastnight. He made lastnight the most special event of all time for our lil warrior.  After 7 long grueling months of chemo and radiation,  Boey’s star shined bright tonight. She was able to live her dream tonight, and spend time with her favorite bald rocker from American Idol.  When he said ”I have a special friend here tonight, I’m not going to say where she is, but she’s here. HI BOEY. On the count of 3, I want everyone to say HI BOEY”.  Boey was in Daughtry Heaven.

 Chris, you are amazing beyond words. You and Ace are two of the most awesome human beings in the world. Thank You Ace for joining us lastnight, we enjoyed talking with you SO much, you are such an inspiration with a heart of gold for these strong and amazing little warriors. Nick and McKenzie are SO incredibly blessed by you and I’m sure they have blessed your life in so many ways also. Nick, Boey loves you and wore your bracelet lastnight in your honor sweetie ) !! Boey woke up this morning with a big beautiful smile on her face and said “mom, it must’ve been a dream, did I really get to be with my Chrissy and hold him”?
I will post more later, we’re still digesting all this. Every second of last night was pure gold. You made such a HUGE impact on the life of a precious little girl, a memory she will hold on to for life. Chris, thank you. You are one incredibly special human being.