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about my chrissy CD

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

hi everybody this is boey i love my chrissy cd i was like all shaking my bootie it was to my daughtry dance so it was fun. so anwaye i only have 2 more shots yay than i will be done 8)for ever. i love you chrissy. ha ha cancer i won ok bye love you guys bye:o     ;):D       

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006



Monday, November 20th, 2006

Hey everyone, sorry we haven’t posted sooner…life has been a little TO crazy around here. We are all rejoicing over Boey’s victory and God’s continued healing and protection. As you know, her last chemo was on the 13th, THANKGOD chemo is OVER!! Boey woke up the morning before her last chemo SO excited that it was her final one, she wanted to write on her website, it was so sweet. She took a long time to type a few sentences, but she was determined to share her excitement, you ALL mean so much to her. She feels your love, prayers, and encouragement, THANKYOU SO MUCH to all our true friends out there who care for our lil warrior and our family. This last year has been hell, but without the love of so many of you, we wouldn’t have survived this difficult time, we are so grateful.

Boey’s final chemo really thrashed her little body. It was almost like the chemo knew it was her last one cause she’s never thrown up as badly as she did that night. She gets extremely swollen from the chemo in her face and neck(side effects from the damage of the radiation) and then has a hard time breathing. It gets a little scary, but she’s so brave through it all, she is truly a WARRIOR. The entire time she was puking, you could hear her saying “warrior” over and over again, she was so determined to get through this last chemo by staying focused as a “cancer warrior” and a force to be reckoned with. As heartbreaking it was, we were SO proud of her. The last couple of days after her chemo are always the hardest. The radiation has really damaged her throat, and it’s very hard for her to eat and drink. On top of that, her tastebuds have completely been knocked out from the chemo and radiation. She starts her physical therapy again after her counts go up. She is excited to take back her life one day at a time this upcoming year with PT as she regains the strength in her feet and hands. After going through the hell of chemo and radiation, this will be a piece of cake for our warrior.

During our last chemo visit, we spoke to the doctors about our excitement for NOV 21st!! We usually see quite a few different doctors once were in the hospital on our inpatient big chemo nights, and at that time they told us that her scans would be a few days after her last chemo and after calculating the exact days, they were excited to tell us her cancer free day would be Nov.21st..I made a prior post on this site about that day if you want to read it:). After this last chemo her throat was so swollen and inflamed, the doctors recommended we wait until after the swelling has gone down so the scans are completely precise.

This is always the most frustrating and confusing part of this whole process; things are constantly changing. They said she is done with treatment and cancer free but due to the situation with Boey’s throat, we need to wait for the scans to confirm 100% that there is no evidence of cancer.

Everytime we think about how far she’s come, her whole story is truly miraculous from beginning to end. Her doctors continue to stand in complete amazement of their little warrior patient who was diagnosed with Stage 3 Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma. They continue to tell us that she has done so exceptionally well, even they are pleasantly surprised and amazed at her courage and strength and how awesome her progress has been to this day.

We give thanks to God, our amazing doctors at OHSU for saving our daughter’s life, our naturopathic MD, and our wonderful and loving family and friends(you know who you are). We are forever grateful to all of you.

We will celebrate Daughtry Day tonight by going to Walmart(they release the DAUGHTRY album tonight at midnight) and making a special exception with Boey in letting her stay up late(we couldn’t stop her if we and watch her run in the store and in her words “hope noone gets in my way tonight mommy. I can’t wait to get my Chrissy CD, give his bald head lots of kisses and do my daughtry dance so everyone can see how happy I am”!! We will be celebrating and rejoicing in all that our daughter has conquered over the last 10 months with our DAUGHTRY CD BLARING all the way home and forever..nonstop celebration for this family!!! OH YEAH!!

We thank God for carrying our famly through this and protecting and healing our baby girl while she fought this monster head on. Everyday is a celebration of our daughter’s life, we are so excited with what the future holds for her, and the incredible person she has grown to be through the last year. We are so proud of the way she has taken on the warrior attitude to not only kick this cancer’s butt, but to help other kids going through it also.

She has come out of this crisis with a fierce passion to help other kids and to educate the world on donating bone marrow, stem cells, blood, and to help find a cure for cancer. She told me that she wants to remake the Lance Armstrong commercial cause she connected with his in your face message to cancer with his warrior attitude.

Part of beating this stupid waste of time evil disease is to use our strength to help others that are fighting cancer. We are all CANCER WARRIORS and despise how cancer destroys lives (obvious understatement). We are passionate about using our strengths to help others, raise awareness, educate, and help raise funds for cancer research. We will leave no stone unturned.

We hope that through sharing our warrior’s story, you will be encouraged to trust in God through all of life’s difficulties, and to be inspired to live and love like there’s no tomorrow, and to make this world a better place. Please continue to pray and Believe for Boey:). Boey said it best from the beginning “THIS TUMOR MESSED WITH THE WRONG BOEY”….words from a TRUE warrior”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yay my last day of chemo

Monday, November 13th, 2006

this is boey hi evry body it is my last day of my chemo thank you ALL for your prayn it really helpt. i am going to have a party. i wodint make it without you guys.i love you all boey