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The Petition is active!

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

Head over to the new page for Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The petition I was working on is now active! SIGN IT PLEASE AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

-Rooey Byers *but u can’t call me Rooey without permission so stick with Rissy LOL*

New page to the website!

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

Hey everyone! Just wanted to update you all and let you know that there is a very important addition to this website. On the menu bar you will see a new page link called “Nominate these Victorious Hearts for Extreme Makeover Home Edition”. PLEASE go check it out!! As it says on the page, a petition will be put up soon, but for now please use the Extreme Makeover page to nominate them!

PS: I say “them” because this is their Rooey writing this :D

“I Want To Be President”

Saturday, February 17th, 2007

  Boey has been on a mission ever since she was diagnosed to help other little warriors. The last couple of days she’s been in full “Boey Cancer Warrior Tude” ever since she got back from her gift giving at the hospital. On the drive back from the hospital, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to how her giving and inspiring the other kids touched her heart. She was so excited and so sad at the same time. She was scheduling in my dayplanner the days we were going back to the hospital(which happened to be every day lol). She would say over and over again “it’s just so wrong mommy that my friends are suffering, if the President won’t listen to me and help us find a cure, then I WANT TO BE the President so I can help my friends AND the entire world”. VOTE BOEY FOR PRESIDENT!! To bad she’s only 7 Haha!! If there was only a way…

Well..if she can’t be President, the least we can do is bring her to the White House to talk to Congress about funds for cancer research so we can find a cure for this devastating killer of our kids(#1 disease killer of our children). She has lots of ideas on cancer prevention too. She was in full Boey mode the other day trying to figure how she can help her warrior friends find a cure and preventative measure for her friends all over the world. She wants to lobby for Congress to make it a law that all kids get a simple blood test twice a year(leukemia can easily be diagnosed with a simple blood test).  She said she wants to talk to all the doctors and teach them to listen to kids and their moms when they feel something is wrong,(one of the ER docs said she was fine). The medical community needs to be more aggressive with concerned parents. I have heard time and time again from so many families that the doctors blow these parents off and act like they’re crazy for being so concerned about there child. They take there to child to different doctors and by the time they’re diagnosed it’s to late. If the first doctor would’ve listened and been more aggressive, that child would still be here today.

Because pediatric cancer is the #1 disease killer of our kids, why isn’t there more preventative care for our children? If the insurance industry and medical society can come together (miracles do happen) they can make MRI’s more accessible to our children(Boey’s tumor would’ve been caught much sooner and been able to be surgically removed…it was to big and entangled in bone and vessels to be safely had also spread to her lymph node). MRI’s are the ONLY machines that are safe(no radiation..all magnetic)enough to be a an awesome diagnostic tool for our children. Yes, it would be tricky considering most children would most probaby need to be sedated, but it’s better than the alternative of not knowing(’s the #1 disease killer of our children). We need to DO SOMETHING NOW until a cure is found. It’s unacceptable that are kids are dying when there is so much we can do as far as preventative care. Early diagnosis CAN SAVE LIVES. It’s mind boggling to me as a mother that there isn’t more preventative care for our children.

Boey will have her chance to go to Washington D.C if Livestrong chooses her as an advocate.You can read about LiveStrong day here   She is VERY excited about this opportunity. We are also working on fundraising for Relay For Life in May..Boey will walk for the first time as a comes the BYERS TEAM!! CAN’T WAIT!! She envisioned herself at the White House and NOW her very own dream could be coming true!!!She would be honored to fight on all her warriors behalf!! Pray that her passion and dreams come true in Washington!! We’ll keep you updated on LiveStrong day:)

I wanted to give you an update on Boey’s health. Her last scans were on Dec. 4th as you know, and thankGod they were clear with no evidence of disease. Her next scans will be the first week of March. She will need a MRI every 3 months for the next year and then every 6 months for 4 years after that. I CAN’T WAIT FOR HER 5 YEAR MARK!!! She had a blood test a couple weeks ago, and the results were incredible. All of her numbers were within normal range or better. Her little body has been through so much, we weren’t sure how long it would take for her results to show normal blood levels. IT WAS AWESOME!! Her legs and feet are improving daily.. it’s so awesome to watch her blossom into our beautiful Boey girl everyday!!

We thankGod for his healing power and all his strength in keeping our family strong and protected through this battle. Please pray for our family as we struggle financially to get back on our feet and to overcome some of the harsh side effects that Boey’s experiencing because of radiation. Rob was looking in her mouth a couple months ago and started crying when he saw that most of her teeth looked as if they were melting away. The doctors warned us of the effects of radiation, but never did we expect something like this. She had perfect beautiful teeth, NEVER one cavity and NOW all her teeth look like little white melted nubs in her mouth. This has been devastating and absolutely heartwrenching. Because the radiation knocked out her salivary glands, she doesn’t have any saliva in her mouth which has devastating effects on her teeth. After taking her to the dentist, he said there is some preventative work he can do, but as far as the adult teeth that are being destroyed, she will most likely need major restorative care. Her throat and sinuses have also been affected. She can’t eat certain foods without it feeling like something is stuck in her throat(she’s seen an ENT at OHSU for this), she has constant bloody noses and mucous everyday cause of the effects of radiation(chronic sinusitis). I hate knowing she is continuing to suffer..I wish this would all go away and she could just be a little girl and enjoy her life without all these side effects. She has another battle ahead of her..but we have no doubt with God on her side and her “BOEY TUDE” that she will kick these side effects to the curb too!! WE BELIEVE!!

  I am trying to not worry about the financial stuff cause it all seems so minimal compared to what we’ve been through and the miracle of our daughter’s healing..that’s all I care about is that my baby girl is here with me, but the financial stuff is now getting out of hand with the dental care that she needs done and drowning in the medical bills over the last year. It’s tearing me apart that her teeth are being destroyed, no words can describe how that makes me feel. She deserves so much better than this.  Please pray for our little warrior that she gets the care she needs so she can continue to fight for others and change the world one day at a time!! THANKYOU for all your continued prayers, love and support..we could NEVER do this much without all of you on our side!! It means everything to us. (((((((((BOEY HUGS TO ALL OF YOU)))))))))))))))




Thursday, February 15th, 2007

Hi Guys

Yesterday was a VERY special day. As you know..little ms spunky Boey has been passionate about helping her little friends ever since she was first diagnosed and became sick in the hospital from chemo and radiation. She’s been wanting to share her *boey warrior tude*with all the other little warriors battling their fight. She finally got her big chance yesterday on the perfect day Valentine’s Day. She was on the NEWS spreading her strength and “Boey Tude” it here!!




Click on the camera icon to watch the video….make sure you have kleenex on hand!!
Boey told some very special friends about her fight and how she wanted to help others…they donated 20 beautiful stuffed animals, balloons and stickers. She was SO excited that so many were willing to help her and her little friends!! The people that donated were so touched by her spirit, they were honored to help, we are so grateful. She also bought flowers and chocolates for the hospital staff with her own money.
The news reporter Kohr Harlan and Gary from KOIN NEWS 6 met us in the lobby and were immediately captivated (pics are coming soon)by her warrior spirit and spunky feisty little personality!! They were with us for over 3 hrs and Kohr was the most compassionate news caster I’ve ever met in my life(one VERY cool guy)he started crying when he saw Boey walk into the first room with the other little girl. I didn’t expect it to hit me so hard so quick..this was a hard one for me to take. I had to run to the bathroom cause I fell apart after watching her hand the little girl the bear(who has the same cancer that Boey had..the past years emotions really caught up to me)and the little girls eyes lit up and she came to life with Boey at her side. THIS IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT. I realized after yesterday that THIS IS WHERE GOD WANTS US, WE FELT GOD’S PRESENCE as she went from room to room, offering inspiration and hope ..GOD’S WORK IS BEING GLORIFIED THROUGH OUR DAUGHTER AND OUR ENTIRE FAMILY…TO GIVE OTHER LITTLE ONES THE HOPE, FAITH AND DETERMINATION TO FIGHT AND NEVER GIVE UP!!! To say we are proud of Boey is an understatement..just watch the video and you will understand. We are so proud of Chris and Joe her older brothers for their neverending support of their little sister. Chris is sharing his incredible talent by making tumor destruction comics…he is an awesome artist, and loves making comics. He’s working hard on his first comic book to distribute to local hospitals for kids of all ages. He knows how much it helped Boey while she was going through chemo, she got a kick out of his humorous pics of the tumor shrinking from chemo and radiation, and that inspired him to help her little warrior friends!! Joe has been an active cancer warrior by fully supporting his brave little sister while she went through radiation and chemo. There were many days after radiation when Boey was to sick to walk, didn’t want the wheelchair, so Joe would carry her through the hallways. It was so precious. He brought stuffed animals to the other little warriors and gave money to Boey so she could buy gifts for the staff at the hospital. Her brothers have endured so much watching their little sister suffer through what seemed like a lifetime of grueling treatment. They have been there for her every step of the way, and we are truly proud of the love and support they’ve given her.
Please honor her fight for a cure by donating to
If you cant’ donate right now please consider donating bone marrow, blood, stem cells, volunteer your time to support these little amazing warriors(you will be changed forever in their presence)!!
Pediactric Cancer is the #1 disease killer of our children..this is unacceptable..together we can make a difference!! WE love all of you and thankyou for your neverending support in the fight for a cure for all the little warriors!! She’ll be interviewing again with KMTR News Euguene next Boey would say *stupid cancer, kickin it to the curb* GOOOOOO BOEY!! YEAHHHHHHHHH!!! Next stop.. the White House!! All our Love, The Byers