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Go Boey!!! Tune in and listen to Boey’s interview on the Cure Radiothon at Doernbecher’s!!!

Thursday, March 15th, 2007

Boey will be EXTREMELY busy tomorrow!!! She is going to Doernbechers Children’s Hospital again to give out more Build A Bears, cards, and balloons to all the children for St. Patrick’s Day! She will also be doing her very first RADIO SHOW!!! Yup, you read that right, that adorable voice will be sharing her story on the radio tomorrow from 6AM-7PM Pacific Time! Her interview will actually air anywhere between 11:00AM-2:00PM PST. She will be on 99.5 FM The Wolf’s Hunt for a Cure Radiothon in Oregon which is going to be broadcast LIVE in the lobby of Doernbechers Children’s Hospital! Unfortunately, no phone calls will be taken but PLEASE write into them to show your interest and anticipation for this interview! Contact Ashley Keels at 503-412-6351 or for any questions or just to say how much Boey’s story has touched your heart and how much of an inspiring little warrior she is! They will more than likely share that with the listening audience if they get a TON of emails or phone calls like that! Oh and the amazing news does NOT stop there!!! Doernbechers has asked Boey to be the new SPOKESPERSON for their hospital! Apparently, as we all knew it would, Boey’s spunkiness has made its way into all of their hearts as well and they know having her be the spokesperson will help all the kids and their families at that hospital keep fighting and keeping the hope and faith alive!!! Go here for more information on this amazing hospital that has helped BOEY KICK THAT LOSER CANCER TO THE CURB!! By the way, this is their Rooey writing this, I’m gonna go bawl my eyes out about all of this amazing news now! I’M SO EXCITED THAT WE ARE ALL FINALLY GETTING TO SEE THE FULL AFFECT OF WHY THAT LITTLE GIRL WAS PUT ON THIS EARTH AND WHY SHE HAS HAD TO GO THROUGH HELL THIS PAST YEAR! It takes a little 7 year old with a million times more strength than most adults to get the point across of why you NEVER stop fighting and NEVER settle for an answer of “there’s nothing we can do” THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY TO WIN EVERYTHING IF YOU HAVE THE WILL TO DO IT THAT SHE DOES AND SHE IS LIVING PROOF OF THAT! I knew a lot of good would come out of her rough battle some day!!!

Thankyou God for answering our prayers CLEAR SCANS!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

This last Monday(the 5th) was extremely difficult. Even through our neverending belief and faith that the scans would be clear, it was still so difficult to be a part of the “MRI and CT world” again. THANKYOU GOD FOR ANSWERING ALL OF OUR PRAYERS. Our awesome oncologist called yesterday and gave us the most joyous news in the world. She said the scans show Boey has no evidence of disease and that the old scar tissue has actually decreased in size. This is miraculous and mindblowing to say the least. Thankyou will never be enough to all the seriously amazing doctors and nurses at Doernbechers!! I hope the beaming smile and the sparkle in Boey’s eyes says it all!! Without them she wouldn’t be here!!  The macrophages(white blood cells that identify Boey’s case they are eating away the dead scar tissue)are doing their job which is exactly what our naturopath Doctor SAID WOULD HAPPEN. THANKYOU DR.NEALL!!!All of the natural supplements(which is pretty extensive)she takes every day for the last year were to build up her immune system and keep her strong during the grueling treatment, and to make sure the cancer never comes back. Part of our new foundation will also feature stories, resources, and links on how naturopathic care combined with conventional treatment provides the best possible outcome for the patient(we are living proof).

The last three months of Boey living in remission have been absolute bliss for our whole family. While we were waiting for the MRI to finish, I had to find some privacy in my car cause the tears just hit me all at once. Rob and I sat there just looking around and remembering where we were a year ago at that exact time. We both were experiencing pretty intense flashbacks of the last year and we didn’t realize how much Boey getting another MRI would affect us. I’ve spoken with very close friends who have gone through the hell of cancer, and they keep telling me that even though it’s over, it’ll really never be over, referring to the post traumatic stress. I always thought “no…not us..we’re so strong, that won’t happen”, but it’s a huge part of reality that we can’t deny.

 God is carrying us through it all, and we rely on him for everything. Every day is a healing process and a gift with Boey being in remission. Not only are we getting our Boey back(fuzz and all lol), but she’s come out of this entire nightmare a completely changed little girl. To say we are proud of the little girl she’s become is an understatement. Not only did she REFUSE to let this cancer mess with her, but she is completely dedicated, driven, and passionate about finding a cure for cancer and helping her other little warrior friends through their battle. We have started a foundation in Boey’s name(her middle name is Nicole which means Victorious Heart) called Victorious Hearts. It’s currently a myspace page, you can access it at this link We are going to make into a website very soon, please bare with us. WE are VERY excited about this foundation. It’ll be a source of education, cancer awareness links, articles, resources, fundraising projects that Boey and her brothers are doing, resources for counseling,events that we are attending, and a resource where families can get financial help with the aftermath of cancer(medical bills, counseling(post traumatic stress, etc). After what feels like being hit by a tornado in reference to our medical bills and having noone there to help us(they only help if you are in treatment), we know all to well how important something like this is. We are still struggling with our own medical bills, but nothing is going to get in our way of helping others.

Thankyou to all our Boey angels for the neverending prayers, love and encouragement. We couldn’t have battled this beast without all of you lifting us up in prayer. We are forever grateful. Please pray HARD for Boey’s amazing little warrior friend Mack who has luekemia and is fighting for her life. Please visit her site at At her site you can find out how to donate bone marrow. She’ll need a bone marrow transplant as soon as she kicks this leukemia(and we have all the faith in the world that she will). Thankyou again for all your love, support and prayers, it means everything to us. Together we will fight and stand strong for a CURE!!! WE WON’T STOP UNTIL WE FIND ONE!! Children are a blessing and a gift from above, it’s time to stop this horrible destructive evil monster called pediatric cancer…AS BOEY WOULD SAY “STUPID CANCER..YOU MESSED WITH THE WRONG WARRIORS”!!! Join us in this fight for a cure, our children’s future depends on it.