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Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

All I can say is I am so beyond honored and proud to be a mom to the three most phenomenal kids in the entire world. Boey has been very upset since losing her hair again after it had grown out(she was stylin it already and everything:(). I was sitting on the couch holding my precious warrior wiping away her tears and all the sudden Big Brother Joe walks in totally BALD AND BEAUTIFUL(Joe prefers handsome lol)!! Boey looks at him with tears in her eyes and says “oh my gosh, you did it Joe? You do really love me”. Rob and I were crying tears of joy because this really was a very special moment between them. Joe has had a very difficult time with Boey’s diagnosis and Boey has perceived it as Joe not caring or supporting her. She loves her brothers more than anything, so this moment of Joe selflessly showing his support and love for her was beyond HUGE!! We watched as they hugged eachother and watched Boey stare at her brother in complete awe totally touched by what he did for her. Joe kissed her on the head and said “you’re not alone little sister, I love you so much and I’m here for you”.  Joe loves his little sister like crazy:) Boey was so touched by what he did she was crying..what a precious moment!! You ROCK Joe Joe!! Thankyou God for blessing us with such awesome compassionate and loving children!! Protect and bless our children Heavenly Father, we thankyou and give you Glory!!


Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

Our daughter is truly a force to be reckoned with..yesterday she not only received the support of Senator Ron Wyden in signing on to the Conquer Childhood Cancer Act Bill S.911, he also told her that she is now a part of Senate History in the Congressional Record!!! He told her that while he was in Washington D.C he told the entire Congressional Staff her story(can you say WOW), and that she was his warrior friend. SO AWESOME!! The Congressional Record is a substantially verbatim account of the remarks made by Senators and Representatives while they are on the floor of the Senate and the House of Representatives. It also includes all bills, resolutions, and motions proposed, as well as debates and roll call votes. Here is the website that everyone should bookmark. As soon as her name is published here in the record we will let you could be anyday!! EXCITING!! Yesterday was MONUMENTAL!! To say we are proud is an see the joy and pride it brought to our princess warrior was overwhelming!! She was BEAMING and KNEW at that moment the Senator looked her in the eyes and told her he was signing the bill and was going to do everything in his power to make sure President Bush signed it too that all her dreams were coming true. Her passion and determination is such an inspiration to us all!! WOW..SHE DID IT!! GOOOOOO BOEY!!! Because of her dream, compassion, love and heart of gold for all the other warriors, this bill will bring $300 million to pediatric cancer research..we are that much closer to finding a CURE!!! HER DREAM..SHE DID IT!! AHHHHHHHH!!!! What an awesome moment for her!! Boey showed the Senator around the hospital, introducing him to doctors and nurses, all her warrior friends, and she also donated more of her bears while she was there!!! It was SO eye opening for the Senator to be a part of this world. Pediatric Cancer is the #1 Disease Killer of our children, but with Boey bringing attention to the suffering of her and her friends and getting this bill passed, pediatric cancer will be obliterated from the face of the earth!!!!!! All the parents of Boey’s warrior friends were thanking Boey for what she was doing, thanking her for crusading for a cure on behalf of there children, it was so touching and very emotional(yep..there wasn’t even enough kleenex in the hospital to keep up with this mommy lol). Boey, you are our hero. You changed the world yesterday. Thankyou for your awesome heart, strength, determination, and love for other warriors. Even during the BIGGEST heartwrenching battle of your life you posess a strength that most adults have never even experienced, and you stood up for all your friends and brought all of them one step closer to a CURE!!! We love you baby girl, you are mommy’s heaven, and I’m beyond honored that God gave me my very special Boey. You are a gift to the world are fighting for others lives while fighting for your own are an angel here on earth, our Boey Angel. The entire world thanks you baby girl. As Boey would say ” Now C’mon already President Bush, sign that bill!!Me and my warrior friends are tired of suffering!!!

HUGE THANKYOU to Boey’s awesome friend Senator Ron Wyden and his AWESOME staff for taking the time to make our Warrior Princess Dreams Come True!! This day meant the world to her, we are eternally grateful to you and all you have done in support of such an important bill. Boey will cherish that moment forever, thankyou with all our heart.

Tons of pics on there way as soon as I get hubby or webdesigner to help me out with loading them!! Sorry for the wait!! Remember you can always view pics if you have a myspace account on the Victorious Heart Foundation myspace at ENJOY!!!


Sunday, May 27th, 2007

Well..spunky held onto every last hair strand that she possibly could, bless her heart. Lastnight after seeing all her bald spots, she took it upon herself to pull the rest of her hair out and save it. Even in losing her beautiful hair she’s always thinking of others. She asked if we could donate it to Locks Of Love, so we’ll call them tomorrow and ask them if they’ll take it(doubt they will cause her hair’s so short, but for Boey we will ask anyways:)Boey has the most perfect beautiful head in the world and she radiates beauty from the inside out!! She looks amazing and feels great right now which is such a blessing. Her stomach has been giving her problems for the last week, that could be from the radiation and chemo combined. She’s been laughing, playing, walking around in her high heels which is a miracle in itself considering last week she was in a wheelchair, and overall right now feeling great. Honestly, if it wasn’t for her being bald, you would NEVER know what was going on, she’s just so happy and spunky PRAISE GOD!!!

Boey received a very exciting phone call from the Doernbecher Foundation. Boey was really concerned that she wouldn’t be able to participate in the Doernbecher Telethon on June 3rd because of treatment. Well, not only does she get to participate in the LIVE TELETHON for Doernbecher’s, she was also asked to speak on Doernbecher’s behalf at a very exciting engagement with the Children’s Miracle Network on May 31st, YEAHHHHHH!!!Boey was beaming when she found out and let out a little was awesome!! She told us the other day “nothing is getting in my way of handing out my bears to my friends in the hospital, when can we pick them up guys”? We were overjoyed to hear these words considering where she was almost 2 weeks ago with her depression and sadness. So, tomorrow we will go pick up her donated bears and she’ll take great pride in handing them out to all her warrior friends!! What an inspiration!! Her awesome big brothers are going to be right there at her side tomorrow because they really want to be a part of this and do whatever it takes to support their little warrior sister. SHe is SO blessed to have such awesome big brothers!!

Next week, we’ll be staying in Seattle for our consult with Dr. Hawkins at Seattle Children’s Hospital. We are very excited to meet him and hear everything he has to say about Boey’s diagnosis. We are still waiting to hear back from NY Sloan Kettering and MD Anderson. We’re also going to send Boey’s medical records to Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania, UCLA, and we’re still working on St.Jude’s(they are physican to physician contact only). Pray for God’s wisdom to pour out into these doctor’s as they look at Boey’s charts and records. We know in our hearts that the next scans will be completely clear and all the doctor’s will be completely blown away by the miracle revealed to them. We are still jumping the hoops and doing everything humanly possible while we wait for God’s work to be done(she has already been healed, now we wait on the scans to prove that). Boey’s love, faith, and trust in her King is so inspiring. She has such a beautiful intimate relationship with her King(she calls him Boey’s King, very cute). Her big brothers have been laying hands on her and commanding the cancer to leave her body, it’s so powerful and so awesome to witness!! Boey was sitting down coloring and out of nowhere she blurted out “I AM HEALED, THANKYOU GOD”!! It was AWESOME!! God has her in his Holy Bubble, she is completely protected and wrapped in his love and healing. WE praise you Lord for revealing yourself to our family and we thankyou God for healing our precious baby girl.

I wanted to share some of my prayers, thankyou all for praying your hearts out..remember you just have to BELIEVE.

“Dear Lord Jesus, I ask you, the Creator of the Universe and the Great Physician, to hear my prayer for Boey’s personal healing. I believe that you want Boey to regain her health and strength, and I pray that you would touch her now with your grace and power. Please forgive me of any sin and remove all obstacles from my life which could prevent Boey’s healing. If I am angry or bitter against anyone, bring their names to my mind now so I can forgive them completely. In Your Mighty name, I take authority over my daughter’s sickness and rebuke it. I speak to this illness and command it to leave forever in the name of Jesus Christ. Lord, I also recommit my life to Your service, and I will glorify You as part of my testimony. Thankyou for hearing my prayer. Amen.”

As you speak forth God’s promise to you with an annointing of faith, believe in your heart that it has already happened. We simply approach God with our petitions and trust Him for the answers in accordance with His perfect will for our lives. Remember that God’s healing may include medicine and professional medical help.

Romans 8:28 promises, “In all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” No matter what we face, God is with us! “Who shall separate us from the Love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us” (vs. 35, 37).

Don’t limit GOD!! Trust him completely for our miracle today!!!

Boey Losing Her Hair Again and Devastated…heartbreaking:(

Saturday, May 26th, 2007

Yesterday was the second most difficult heartwrenching moment since her diagnosis(the first was her wanting to die when I told her about the cancer returning). She was in the shower all happy and singing and then she went to wash her hair and clumps came out. We all had gently told her from the very beginning that her beautiful hair would fall out again, but nothing can prepare a precious little 8 year old who is so proud of the hair that she does have for another round of hair loss. She was bawling and crying out to me “Mommy, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..don’t let the chemo take my hair again, please no no no look mommy my hair is so thick and beautiful, this can’t be happening, please no make it stop noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo”. I looked her in the eyes and told her that I understood how she felt cause I felt the exact same way. I told her I would let her shave my head if that made her feel better, she said “no mommy, then I won’t have any hair to curl or play with and you’ll be sad like me”. God give me strength. I feel like I’m dying inside seeing my precious baby girl hurting like this. I would give anything to take all this on for her so she didn’t have to suffer. As of right now, she doesn’t want us to shave her hair off, she wants to just let it all fall out on it’s own and hang onto every bit of hair that’s still on her head.

Last week, we visited a VERY special lady Jenna who owns the Mirage in Eugene She is a beautiful strong inspiring Christian women who I feel God placed in our life because what she does is truely miraculous. She works with the Angel Hair Foundation who are a true God send and angels here on Earth. You can read about the foundation on there website. It was founded by Deb Wright and her daughter who had Ewings Sarcoma. We need more wonderful people like this in the world!!! Please donate in Boey’s honor to this incredibly awesome foundation, without them Boey would never have a cranial prosthesis of long beautiful hair to look forward to. The systems cost over $1,000 but are free to all children 17 and under who are going through chemotherapy or any other sickness where there is hair loss. I know once we get through this cancer nightmare, we are going to do EVERYTHING in our power to donate to this PHENOMENAL foundation!! When we visited the Mirage last week, Boey picked out her exact hair color and was SOOOOOO beyond excited and happy!!! As soon as we left, she said ” I can’t believe this..I’m going to have hair again, and nobody will ever know it’s not my own hair, am I dreaming mommy? I’m so excited I can’t wait”!! What a priceless gift these awesome women are giving to our little warrior!!! WE CAN’T THANKYOU ENOUGH!!! So lastnight when I was holding Boey in my arms and crying tears of sadness with her, we called Jenna from the Mirage and asked how soon the prosthesis would be in. She was so wonderful, she talked to Boey and reassured her that her hair system is HIGH priority and should be here next week, and that her real hair will grow back even more beautiful than ever. Boey had tears in her eyes, but I could tell she was so relieved to hear this and felt better. Thankyou so much Jenna:).

We will NEVER grow weary and stand stronger than EVER in our FAITH and God’s WORD!! This was another heartbreaking roller coaster but we BELIEVE and know that through God all things are possible. I’ve learned so much in reading these healing books. One lesson that really stands out is how the devil will try more than ever to cause us to grow weary and doubt God so we give up and as a result NEVER see the true miracle that awaits us. NEVER HAPPEN!!! We will persevere and BOMBARD HEAVEN with our prayers as we watch God’s manifestation of healing take place in our daughter!! We will NEVER grow weak, weary, give up or doubt God!!

Boey read her scriptures lastnight with conviction, it was so powerful and awesome!! GO BOEY!! The first night in the hospital Boey drew a picture that was so absolutely mindblowing. It was a picture of Jesus’ face winking at her. She even captioned what he was saying to her. She named the picture Boey’s King and captioned it with Jesus saying to her” it’s going to be okay Boey, I’m with you”. Rob and I were blown away and praising God for revealing himself to our daughter. Here she was in the worst depression and so beside herself with sadness and she draws this beautiful breathtaking picture of her King. left us speechless for awhile, and everyone we tell the story to gets goosebumps. It’s a true testament to how close she feels to Jesus and how strong her Faith is, PRAISE YOU LORD!!!


There is a reason the book of Revelation mentions the word perseverance seven times. Over and over again we see those who persevered and overcame. It is one thing to have vision, another to have Godly motives, but neither will carry us to our objectives by itself. We must also persevere. The root of the word persevere is the word severe. We must face the fact that en route to victory our trials may get severe. Likewise, it is with severe faith-severe or extreme steadfastness-that we inherit the promises of God(Hebrews 10:36). James tells us “Consider it all joy, my brethren, whe you encounter various trials, knowing the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have it’s perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing”(James 1:2-4). Endurance. Perseverance. Steadfastness. There are the qualities that breed character, that transform the doctrine of Christlikeness into a way of life. “Let endurance have it’s perfect result, so that you may be perfect.” The key to perfection, to a life “lacking in nothing” is perseverance. AMEN.

“The Best Birthday Ever”!!!

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

Spoken from a true warrior ”THIS WAS THE BEST BDAY EVER”!!! It was obvious to everyone that Boey was making up for the last week and a half in the hospital!! It was a 24/7 Bday party for two days!! It started with Relay For Life on Friday and unfortunately Boey didnt’ make it due to leaving the hospital so late. We were blessed by our friend Felisha who flew in from California to walk in Boey’s honor at Relay For Life. WE were SO touched and Boey was so excited that Felisha was walking for her. Boey raised over $500 towards a cure for cancer in just over two weeks, SHE WAS BEAMING WITH PRIDE!!! Her team page will stay up for donations through August, so we’re hoping to raise more towards a cure.

Felisha and our awesome friend Susie came over Friday night after the Relay For LIfe. Susie also walked in Boey’s honor and both her and Felisha got stuck in the rain but perservered and kept on walking!! Boey was so proud of them!! Felisha stayed all weekend and partied and celebrated with our familiy. We were just rejoicing with the fact that Boey felt SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good after 5 harsh chemo’s five days in a row and radiation. Her pain was minimal, and she was back to her spunky “boey tude”self, it was so wonderful to see!!! Our whole family was finally back together after such a horrible week and a half in the hospital, everything still seems so surreal. The boys just loved on their sister and Boey was so cute just sitting there with the cutest lil smirk on her face..she was like “Ok, you love me to much”!! We all prayed together as a family, read scriptures and joked around, it was good to be home. Saturday all the kids started showing up and Boey was in heaven! She was so blessed with so many awesome presents and a BLAST of a time!! She LOVED her American Idol Karaoke PS2 game, but was bummed when she realized they didn’t put her Chrissy on there yet haha. Her and her friends played karaoke all night long, it was the cutest ever!! Hands down, the funnest event on Saturday night was giving her big brother Chris a makeover..yes, this includeded wig, all accessories, and wardrobe LOL!! What a BRAVE and WONDERFUL (slightly crazy too lol) big brother, he kept telling Boey ”now do you believe me when I tell you how much I love you”? Boey just smiled, gathered her glam squad and they turned Chris into Christina AHHH!!! LOL!! And of course I took tons of pictures just in case I need them once he starts high school..haha I know that’s so mean isn’t it?? We all laughed until our stomachs hurt, it was HILARIOUS!!! Thankyou Chris, you are such an awesome big brother(we won’t hold it against ya that you secretly reeeeally enjoyed dressing up LOL)!!! Sunday was great..we had a tea party and followed that with a fun pedicure and manicure party Yeahh!! The girls all looked glam and had beautiful sparkly nails!! Boey didn’t want the fun to end and mentioned a few hundred times “this was the BEST BDAY EVER”!! Her favorite ultimate warrior friend Riss and Josh came over with some way awesome gifts. Boey was so excited when she opened her awesome personal scrapbook of Bella(her favorite beagle ever which she’s made VERY clear how BADLY she wants one haha)all dressed up in different was HILARIOUS!! Bella was such a sport, kinda traumatized but it made Boey soooo happy so we know Bella will get over it LOL!! Boey’s so excited about bringing her special Bella book to the hospital with her for laughs and smiles:). She got some awesome Build A Bear accessories too!! Felisha was kind of naughty and went WAYYYYYYYYY overboard with gifts!!! Boey was in Disney heaven and it made her feel so special, so thankyou Felisha..that in itself means so much(you’re still in trouble missy)!!Overall, it was just WONDERFUL to see her have such an AMAZING TIME!!

Today is Thursday and it’s the first time I’ve had a moment to sit down and’s been so crazy driving to Portland everyday again for radiation. Boey HATES being in the car, the whole trip is kind of a nightmare no matter what we do to make it fun and comfortable for her. I love my Honda, but it’s old, cramped and we’re not sure how much longer it’s going to hold up with all these trips to the hospital. Last year I felt VERY lucky to make it through all the trips with my car, and now here we are again. She’s been feeling okay the last week since all her chemo, she’s had some stomach pain and unfortunately her heel is giving her problems. Everytime we pray over her pain it subsides, so please pray that her pain is alleviated. God is good and he is answering all our prayers!! We are hoping to sit down with the doctors at Seattle Children’s Hospital on June 3rd or 4th. We will be in Washington that entire week attending Casey Treat’s Church in Seattle and Kenneth Hagin’s ministry which we are SOOOOOO excited about!! I listen to his podcasts daily and have become transformed in the word, taking authority over Boey’s disease, and BELIEVING in my heart that Boey will be healed. It’s definitely a  peace that surpasses all understanding.

Boey is still committed to doing the Telethon at Doernbecher’s on June 3rd. She is SO excited about it, she’ll be on LIVE TV telling everyone her story and how Doernbecher’s is helping to save her life again and she’ll be raisinging money towards a cure for cancer research. She has some really exciting stuff going on, as soon as it happens I can post about it, but not till then. Just keep her in your thoughts and prayers, she is SOOOOOO excited about a certain opportunity!!!

Boey will get her blood counts tomorrow, and none of us are looking forward to it, especially Boey. She HATES getting her port flushed with heparin and saline, it literally makes her’s miserable and heartbreaking. Right now her counts are at their lowest point, please pray for protection against any infections. We are currently getting in touch with other hospitals but we’re waiting on all her records to get to them before we can do a consult. We’re ready to travel and be wherever God leads us. We’re not to excited about traveling, but willing to do whatever it takes until God’s miracle is revealed. God heals through doctor’s and medicine, thankyou GOD!! My daughter never ceases to amaze me. Here she is in pain and not feeling good, and always asks about how all her friends in the hospital are doing. Her BoeyTUDE is back and she told me yesterday “this dumb cancer is NOT GOING to keep me from passing out bears to my warrior friends”. So there ya have it..the words of a true warrior. We will be picking up our donated bears and Boey can hand them out during her next admission GOOOOOOO BOEY!!! To say we’re proud of her is an understatement..we are simply amazed and captivated by her awesome spirit, strength and love for others even while she faces her own hard battle. Bless her heart. Boey is an incredibly strong and special little girl.. I am truly honored to be her mom:)


God is speaking to me now, saying “I am the Lord that healeth thee. “He is watching over his Word to perform it. He is the Lord that healeth my daughter, he is healing her now. This Word contains the ability to produce what it says. His word is full of healing power. I receive this Word now. Healing is God’s nature. God is in our daughter. Her body is the temple of the Lord that healeth her. God is bigger than sickness and Satan. God is dwelling inside of her, healing her now. AMEN.

1 Peter 2:24  Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness:by whose stripes ye were healed.