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Family time!! Finally!!

Sunday, August 19th, 2007

We made it!! We’re home and enjoying our time together to the fullest!! Boey is snuggled up with her new baby puppy asleep on the couch(tons of adorable pics of them on the way). We’re cherishing every second of family time together..I’ve missed all three of my guys like crazy!! Right this very second life is so good, just being home..and not just any home…an extraordinary exquisite home made with an overwhelming amount of love. I can’t thank everyone enough for being able to bring my Boey home to this after such a rough week inthe’s total bliss:)I remember being sick with stress in the old home just knowing her counts were so low and her immune system was so fragile. Thankyou will never be enough for giving us the gift of life in our new home..we are forever grateful to all of you:) Cherish your kids everyday and NEVER take them for granted…go attack them with hugs and tell them how much you love them:)) Believing and Staying Strong:))

After five loooooooong nights we’re outta here!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 19th, 2007

Thankyou everyone who prayed for an increase in her blood counts and supernatural strength for Boey to eat and drink!! As of right now, the docs are VERY pleased with the HUGE jump in her counts…I’m packing our stuff and praying that we can be outta here very soon!! It’s all up to the doc right now….her fever spiked to 103 yesterday but she went all night without tylenol and her temp has been perfect as of now, so praying the doc let’s us go!!!

Boey received a VERY special gift yesterday. We’ve been talking to different dog owners about the therapeutic value of owning a small dog, especially in Boey’s case where she’s depressed, sad, and discouraged because of what’s going on. Everybody we spoke to encouraged us and told us many stories about family members being ill but with the  help of a little companion it brought so much joy and happiness. Boey’s been wanting a puppy for..well..forever, and we finally were able to shine some light into her life yesterday with her new bundle of joy!! She’s an 8 wk old Malti Poo, white with beige markings, and ABSOLUTELY THE CUTEST DOG WE’VE EVER LAID EYES ON!!! Boey’s reaction yesterday was priceless, she was crying and snuggling with her and kept telling us how happy her heart felt..her entire disposition changed in a heartbeat, it was so awesome to see her so happy and spunky again!! She named her Tia Saphire Byers, and of course she’s already spoiled:)!! Boey started eating, drinking and her bubbly personality started shining through, she was determined to do whatever it took to go home to be with her puppy!! She looks like a live version of her stuffed animals in her room, she is the cutest puppy in the world:) Thankyou Shadya Jones from Salem for making this happen, your gift to us was priceless..the joy it’s brought to Boey is overwhelming, we can never thankyou enough:) Thankyou to Marcia Tappan at RiverBend Puppies for taking such good care of our Tia and helping us along the way, you are so wonderful, thankyou for everything:)!! Tia was only able to stay for a little while to visit and then she had to go home…but in the meantime I’m going to work extremely hard on getting her certified as a service dog so Boey can have her everywhere she goes. Knowing how much joy this puppy brings while Boey is suffering through this difficult time is such a tremendous blessing. We took lots of pictures and hope to have them up soon:). All the nurses and doctors fell in love with Boey’s puppy, it was so cute!! I have a feeling the entire staff on the 10th floor will be buying a new puppy soon haha!!

Pray for strength for Boey’s body..she told me lastnight she’s afraid to go home because she doesn’t want to walk. She told me her feet, legs and stomach hurt when she gets up and she feels dizzy. I explained to her once she gets more food in her body she won’t feel so dizzy. She’s out right refusing to walk, so that’s one of our biggest goals this week, to get Boey to walk again. Her stomach has been giving her some major problems ever since her dose of Doxyrubicin a few weeks ago, she’s often doubled up in pain and wants to lay down or always use her wheel chair. We are going to encourage her to go swimming this week if her counts are over 1,000, and get physical therapy on board. It’s been so difficult keeping appointments because of the constant hospital visits and the low blood counts. Once we’re home she needs to continue to eat, drink, and her stomach pain has to get better or we’ll be back here for more CT scans of her stomach and a possible nose tube. So prayer warriors…Boey needs you!!!  God is so good and answering our daily prayers. Boey continues to claim her healing everyday, and prays for all her special warrior friends. Please lift up baby Lexie, and a very special little girl named Gloria Strauss. Gloria reminds us so much of Boey, she is an absolutely radiant little 11 year old battling for life right now. She needs all of us every second of the day to stand with her family and BELIEVE for her miracle. Please visit her website at .

Staying Strong and Believing..even in the worst of times our faith is even stronger!! Thankyou God for healing our precious baby..thankyou for our miracle of the clear ultrasound of her pelvis, I know you are giving us hope along the way and reassuring us that you are with us through every step of our journey. In the end, we will be victorious. Your word is true and we stand on your promises!! Jesus is the great physician and Boey’s healer, all glory to you God!! Believe for Boey:)

Heartbroken but staying strong

Sunday, August 19th, 2007

Hard to believe we’re back here again, especially when we can’t go home yet:(. Boey was just starting to eat and drink, feel better on Tuesday, then we got the call about her counts, which were basically 0. I looked over at my little warrior, knowing that she was starting to feel better and regain her spirits only to be knocked down again. It’s becoming more difficult each time, she’s to the point where she doesn’t want to be touched in the hospital but knows she has to let them do it. We are always reassuring her that we are going to be strong and fight for her, we don’t want her to think she has to be strong all the time, it’s important that she knows we are carrying her through this every step of the way with God as our strength, provider, and healer. Boey and I began our journey back to the Portland ER(to late for clinic)to be admitted.  We had awesome prayer time in the car, so that was a blessing. Boey was raising her hand in praise with the worship music, she’s such an inspiration. Even though she was down cause we had to go back, her little arm went up to praise her King and she was thanking God for her healing. As soon as we started pushing Boey in her wheelchair towards the doors of the ER, she started throwing up everywhere, it was SO heartbreaking. I finally realized that the entire time during her last chemo why she was throwing up right before her chemo even though she had antinaseau meds. She is internalizing her fear, and anxiety. I asked her if she threw up cause she was scared, and she looked up at me with tears in her eyes and shook her head yes. I hugged her and held her close, just covering her with love and prayers. ThankGod our wonderful friends Riss and Josh met us at the ER, I couldn’t have done it without them. I was pretty shaken up after realizing just what a toll this is taking on our baby girl…thankyou guys so much for making Boey laugh even through the rough times,you guys are the best WE LOVE YOU!!

After finally arriving at Doernbecher’s, Boey was adamant about not getting her port accessed, the heparin and saline makes her pretty sick. The nurse attempted a periphereal line in her arm…even with Boey’s arm numb from the cream, she was still screaming cause it hurt so bad. They had to stop, and get the IV team….it was like 1am at this point, we were all so exhausted. More numbing cream on Boey’s hand, an hour later the IV team came in and it was successful. She also needed her neupogen shot on top of all this, it was a really looooong and rough night:(.

That was early Wednesday morning…today’s Thursday and her counts are still very low. She just started spiking a temp yesterday and we’re still at 102.3 today with round the clock antibiotics. Her blood cultures are still negative, that’s very reassuring. The plan so far is to keep her here until her counts come up and the fevers gone. Pray for an increase in her counts and supernatural strength for Boey to keep her strong and eating. She’s back to not wanting to eat, and that could cause an entirely new set of problems if she keeps refusing to eat. She’s very depressed, and it’s horrible sitting here in this room knowing just how badly she wants to go home and be vibrant spunky full of life Boey….this is a total nightmare:( I miss my goofy radiant girl, I know she needs this time to rest, her bone marrow has been wiped out, and she needs this healing time, I just wish it was at home where she’d be surrounded by what she loves, her family and friends.

Thankyou for the Anniversary wishes:) 10 years sure flew by quick, but an awesome 10 years it’s been! The best Anniversary gift will come tonight when both me and hubby can snuggle together on the bed without Boey smack in the middle of us!! She’s slept in between us for 18 months..ever since this nightmare began..we’ve encouraged her in so many ways to sleep in her own bed but she’s determined to be with us..we’re her security blanket, she’s been through so much. We dont’ even care about the fact that this is THE most uncomfortable bedding in the world, we get to be together and just be…we’re just grateful that we are together:). HAPPY ANNIVERSARY HUN!! I LOVE YOU!!

Thankyou for the phone calls, the emails, and I was really touched by the note I got from Jeanette from Texas to call her if I need anything. I hope you all realize how much it helps me get through the day. I can’t wait till this is all over. I spoke with the doctor at length about the next chemo and her next scans. I didn’t realize this chemo will probably be the last one for Boey, her kidneys can’t handle anymore. I have been in diligent ferverent prayer for the manifestation of her healing to take place soon, we believe this next scans will be our miracle. Pray for her manifestation and believe with us.



Thursday, August 16th, 2007

Well it looks like Rachel and I will be celebrating our 10th Anniversary over the phone. Boey has a 102 fever and is still at the hospital.  Her counts are severly low and she is going to get a tranfusion. Fortunately she is eating and drinking but she is very upset that she has to be there.

She did not get the fever until she got the antibiotics upon arrival. Doctor gave Rachel kudos for figuring that out.(It is a side affect of these antibiotics) Changed antibiotics to a pill to see if that makes a difference; They want to come home baaaaaaad. I want them to come home baaad. I miss them so much. The boys and I are working and watching late night “GUY” movies which has had its fun moments but I think we would even be willing to watch the princess diaries if our girls could come home. SOON

For our anniversary I was gonna cook a great meal in our incredible kitchen with the awesome stuff that the INKWELL generously provided for our family. Then we were gonna just enjoy our INCREDIBLE HOME together with the kids at my parents. Oh well; the good part is that we will always have tomorrow and we will have the house!!! Today we fight…tomorrow we celebrate!!!

My wife wanted me to tell everyone thank you so much for reaching out. The emails, notes, phone messages are very encouraging and uplifting. Even if she is unable to respond to all of them because of taking care of Boey, they touch her heart and help her get through the day.

Update From Warrior Riss

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

The Byers good friend Warrior Riss here to give you an update.  Warrior Boey and Rachel are on their way up to Doernbecher.  She has been eating and drinking but probably not enough so she still may need iv fluids.  She also had her counts taken today and they are very low.  Please lift her up in prayer.  I am going up to the hospital to be there for my fellow warrior.