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More Awesome News:)!!

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

Update is on it’s way:)!! Boey has never felt or looked better in the last 6 months since her relapse!! PRAISE GOD!! Update coming..promise!!

Awesome report

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

The last week has been miraculous. Praise God!! As you know, the last few weeks have been very rough with her depression, stomach pain and then blood in her urine. The last week has changed dramatically. We’ve been crying tears of pure joy with every heavenly sign and wonder along the way:). For starters, Boey is eating nonstop..even in her sleep haha..she told me she dreams about food in her sleep so that counts!! Boey shared with us why she was so depressed. She said it was because her teeth hurt so bad and she couldn’t eat, it was so heartbreaking…thank God her teeth are now fixed and she’s gained a whole whopping 2 lbs in the last week!! YEAHHH!! Boey, the eating machine haha!! Everyday she needs her wheelchair less even with the pain while going to the bathroom. There is no way to describe the amount of joy I feel at this very moment. To see her up and walking around and dressing herself in her Boeyified clothes haha..phenomenal!! You never realize until you go through something this difficult, how much we take for granted. I longed for the day she was walking around and smiling, WANTING to have her friends over again, WANTING to go back to school( I almost fell out of the chair this morning with her announcement of wanting to go back to school YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS) and being all goofy and spunky!! This is so phenomenal, tears are flowing while I type..we are truly in the midst of a miracle and there has been a breakthrough!! PRAISE GOD FOR BOEY’S HEALING!!

 Yesterday she went in for her cystoscopy. They looked in her bladder and other areas with a camera to find the source of pain. The whole time my friend Riss and I were praying and claiming a perfect report from the doctor and praising God for the awesome report we were going to get. My faith has never been fear, confusion, anxiety..just a peace that surpasses all human understanding. The doctor came out and said everything looked great PRAISE GOD and then he showed an image of one spot on the top of her bladder that is causing her pain. He said that’s where the radiation hit (the tumor was in her sacral area and her bladder is right next to it) and with the chemo she received (the really harsh Doxyrubicin that caused horrid mouth sores and 0 counts) had caused radiation recall and it was pretty much like having a sunburn in her bladder. We have THE toughest girl in the entire world!! Poor Baby!! That’s why she wasn’t wanting to walk or go to the bathroom, and why it was hard to explain what kind of pain she was in. The urologist, who by the way I love, he’s awesome(wouldn’t even give the cancer any power, and refused to say the word when talking to me..he said the “C” word..this guy ROCKS)said that he wants an MRI on Monday to rule out any recurrence(tumors, growths, etc..THEY’LL NEVER FIND IT)and then they can go from there. Basically, if there is no tumor she will have surgery on her bladder(we know there isn’t a tumor but the MRI will confirm her healing). He said they would go in and cut off the top of her bladder(that’s where the spot is)and resect it, he made it sound like it’s a pretty common procedure. Not to excited about more surgery, if it means her not hurting anymore, it’ll be a huge blessing.

Rob and I have been seeking divine wisdom for the next phase of Boey’s treatment. Basically, Boey can’t have anymore Doxyrubicin because of the damage it’s causing. Dr. Stork said our only option is Ifosfamide/Etopside for three nights in a row instead of five, and closer together, UGH. Something we have discussed that sounds promising is a trial medicine called AngiogenesisInhibitors(click this word for more info). I feel the manifestation of her healing is so close. That would mean that Boey hasn’t had any chemo for over a month(basically she’s had a total of three big delays in chemo and only four rounds AND her scans show it’s almost gone THAT IS A MIRACLE), God has shown us over the last week that she is healed in so many ways. Her spunky fiesty fun loving spirit is back stronger than ever, I’ve been in Boey heaven haha!!! Over the last week she’s wanted to go get her nails done and a pedicure, go shopping, eat at all of her fav restaurants to make up for lost time, go swimming (this is her favorite activity), and play with her new puppy. PRAISE GOD!! Just last week she was lying on the couch and I was heartbroken knowing she was refusing to do anything. She told me today that she wants to write on her website to say hi to all of you and thankyou for all you’ve done!! Boey is definitely Back!! She’s amazing!! Let her strength, radiant spirit and Faith inspire you to live life to the fullest every single second and BELIEVE that there is a God that loves you and his will is to heal. Not a day goes by where she doesn’t read her healing scriptures and we praise our awesome God for her healing. Boey refuses to let this this sick evil cancer reside in her body, Jesus bore it for her on the cross 2,000 years ago, she is healed from head to toe!! We love you Jesus!! You are Boey’s King!!

This is one of Boey’s favorite confessions (or as she puts it ”my scriptures are my medicine”) : The Lord is taking away from me all sickness. His Word contains the ability to do what it says. His Word will not return void but will accomplish what it was sent to do. The Lord is taking away from me all sickness, every trace of tumor, cancer cells, pain, side effects and deficiency. Sickness is going to out of me now. Thank You, FAther, for taking away from me all sickness like You said. I AM HEALED!! MY KING HAS HEALED ME!! I LOVE YOU JESUS, THANKYOU FOR YOUR AWESOME HEALING POWER IN MY BODY!!

Proverbs 4:12 For they (his Words) are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh.

Thankyou for the neverending prayers, love and support. Special thankyou to all the incredible people out there fundraising for our family. We are so humbled by your love and support. Rob and I can’t wait till this nightmare is over and we can launch our next project EXTREME CORVALLIS!!! We’ve always wanted to reach out to other families while we were going through this nightmare, but being trapped in this cancer nightmare with a debilitated home and finances never allowed that kind of freedom. We can’t wait to reach out to the families that are going through difficult times and bring the community together to do extreme makeovers on their lives!! This is a true passion of ours, we are VERY excited!! It’s unacceptable for any to EVER have to go through this nightmare alone. Thankyou ABC for inspiring EXTREME CORVALLIS!! We can’t wait to pay it forward!! Going through something like this changes your perspective on EVERYTHING!! Have an awesome weekend:)!!! God Bless:)

Pray against these symptoms please

Monday, September 17th, 2007

Boey’s still having symptoms with the blood in her urine and pain while going to the bathroom:(. We are not moved by symptoms..we are moved by what the word of God says about these symptoms..she is healed healed healed healed healed healed by the blood of Jesus!! The devil didn’t like the awesome scan results, so he’s trying to cause us to doubt and waver in our Faith..NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!

We have a urology appt tomorrow early in the morning, pray and expect ONLY good reports!!!

We need our prayer warriors..stand with us and command these symptoms to leave her body NOW in the name of Jesus!!!! We speak divine healing to her kidneys, bladder and immune system. I speak to her body now and command it to line up with the word of God!! THe word of God is true!! The devil is a defeated foe, he has to take these symptoms back NOW!! Boey is healed now and forever!!!

Other than this, Boey is doing awesome. Eating almost all day haha..she has grammie on her toes with constant changes in her menu !!! First it’s China Buffet, then Papa Murphy’s, Shari’s, Olive Garden..ahh!!! Her taste changes constantly because of the chemo, so when something sounds good we are all scrambling to get it for her haha!! What a blessing that she’s eating this much YESSSSSSSS!!!! Feed the Boey!!! She wanted me to tell you thankyou with all her heart for the love and prayers. She said it makes her heart happy knowing how many people love her and are behind her in this fight!! She really really wanted me to ask everyone to do whatever it takes to get the Conquer Childhood Cancer Act Bill signed into law!! This bill is her baby..she’s beaming with pride knowing she is forever a part of US History in the Congressional Record!! Contact your senator today!!! Go to for all info:) Squishy Boey hugs to everyone:))

Boey Bracelets

Saturday, September 15th, 2007


Saturday, September 15th, 2007

Boey is getting stronger everyday..nothing makes us happier than to see the spunky sassy side of our radiantly beautiful girl shine through. Although the last few weeks have been rough, we BELIEVE more than EVER and our faith is unwavering. We praise God for the awesome scans. I didn’t need to see them to believe, we walk by faith not by sight..we praise God for showing us that he is in control. I chose not to go to the last scan appt..I’m tired of hearing the doctors negative confessions even when they’re looking at a very awesome scan result…Boey and I stayed home and prayed. Rob is able to hear what they have to say without it affecting him emotionally, we make a good team.

 I’ve been reading so many awesome encouraging books on healing over the last 5 months. The very first one I read that strengthened our families faith and increased our knowledge of the authority in Christ that Believers posses was Dodie Osteen’s Healed of Cancer. She was diagnosed with metastic stage 4 liver cancer and given two weeks to live and sent home to die. She was healed by believing and standing on God’s word. She gives a very powerful testimony!!!

Right now we’re at a critical point in Boey’s treatment. Rob and I are still discussing treatment options. A few days ago, Boey was experiencing some symptoms with blood in her urine and major pain while going to the bathroom. She started on antibiotics right away with the possibility of UTI. We’re still waiting on the urine culture. We’ll probably start the next chemo once she’s off these antibiotics and feels better. If the pain or blood doesn’t go away, we are off to see the urologist. The doctor said she thinks it’s damage to her kidneys from one of the chemos. If this is the case, she won’t ever see that chemo again. We were also told today they won’t radiate the lesions on the spine, they’d prefer to use the chemo since it’s systemic:(.

Agree with us as we bombard heaven and stand with us on God’s promises. We know that Boey has received her healing, believe with us as we wait for the full manifestation of her healing in the natural. The following is an excerpt from Dodie’s book.

  The Word of God saved my life. Every day I would read many scriptures. The thing I want you to understand is what helped me the most, an unshakable confidence in the Word of God. I knew that if I wasn’t getting better it was not God’s fault, because Gods word doesn’t fail. You need to make this same decision. Some people get bitter at God when something comes against them, or they don’t get well. God is not your enemy! He will keep you alive. It is the devil who wants to destroy you. Don’t get bitter or angry at God. Fight the devil. God wants you well. You CAN have life abundantly if you want to but you have to know that it is God’s will for you to be healed. Some people who have not studied what the Bible says about healing do not believe it is God’s will for them to be healed. They think they must suffer for Jesus. They think that God is teaching them a lesson.

God does not teach His children a lessons by making them sick. You don’t teach your child a lesson by pushing him in front of a car! God is a loving Father who wants his children well and happy. One of the scriptures I read every day was Jeremiah 30:17: I will restore health to you, and heal you of your wounds. There were times I felt as if I was going through a dark tunnel. There seemed to be no end to it, and yet I still confessed, “I am Healed”.

I want you to believe that there is hope in Jesus. I am a person who has been healed of cancer. I am not anybody special. I am one of God’s children just like you are. God wants to help you. He wants you to live. He wants you to live a long healthy, productive life. But your healing doesn’t just automatically happen. You must fight your sickness with God’s Word and your faith.

 This is one of Boey’s favorite books, she finds it so encouraging and uplifting. She carries it around with her in her purse and when she has any symptoms she remembers what Dodie said and repeats it throughout the day “I am healed”.  Boey is very excited to give her testimony of healing to the world!! Her faith is such a powerful testimony to her awesome relationship with her King!! Her faith is unwavering, she’s a true warrior for Christ. She won’t be defeated, she’s VICTORIOUS!! She’s remarkable. An inspiration. Our hero.

Please don’t pray “if it’s your will Lord” or beg God to heal her. Please pray THANKYOU JESUS FOR HEALING OUR DAUGHTER, IT IS DONE, SHE IS HEALED BY THE BLOOD!! Jesus bore this cancer on the cross 2,000 years ago. No weapon formed against her shall prosper!!! We speak divine healing to her body and command it to line up with the Word of God!! We speak to any symptoms and command them to LEAVE HER BODY NOW in the name of Jesus! Boey’s body is God’s temple, sacred and free from disease. The devil HAS to take back all sickness from Boey’s body, he is a defeated foe and the father of lies!! Boey is HEALED!!!! PRAISE GOD BOEY IS HEALED!!!