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Update on Boey

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

Wanted to let everyone know that Boey is doing okay. Sorry if you were worried. Life is kind of rough around here(not referring to Boey..she’s doing fine)please lift our family up in prayer that each of us will receive God’s love, peace, and perfect will for our life. We know that God has huge plans for us and that is a big reason why we are being attacked so hard. Please pray for strength, guidance, wisdom, protection and continued healing for our entire family. Praise God with us for Boey’s complete healing. We are very excited about Dec. 20th, her next scan. Thank you for your continued support, love and prayers. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. God Bless

Boey’s First Fashion Show/Fashion for a Cure

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

Boey and her girlfriends experienced their first real fashion show generously donated by the Corvallis Country Club. A very special thank you to Cheryl O’Deay the catering and sales director and all of the wonderful girls who did a phenomenal job(sorry I don’t have names, you guys know who you are and we love and appreciate all of you)!! Cheryl and her girls organized a very special outing with a limousine(Thank you to Kool Nites Limousine for donating their services) to pick up Boey and her friends from school. It was awesome!! The girls were all caught by surprise and had permanent smiles on their faces the rest of the day! They went to Kid Shoppe and picked out their very cute and fashionable outfits. Special Thank you to Deb the owner of the Kid Shoppe and her staff for helping the girls and making everything that day so special. The girls then went to Arby’s and Cold Stone Creamery for dinner and desert. Special Thank you to the manager at Arby’s for donating the meals, and Jason at Cold Stone for the best ice cream in the world:)! Thank you to all the companies that donated for the silent auction!! Thank you for your generosity and kindness. By the end of the show, the girls had a total blast and didn’t want the night to end!!!

Oct 21st was the big day. The girls were all so hyper with excitement, they were all so cute and anxious to walk the runway!! We arrived at the Country Club and it was BEAUTIFUL!! They had a real runway set up and all the silent auction items and Boey’s Boutique set up beautifully. Ty Pennington was inspired to create Boey’s room into a boutique/fashion store because he saw her design drawings and her love for fashion when he met her. Boey loves fashion with a passion and has always wanted to be in a real fashion show, this was a dream come true!! The Country Club set up a place for all of the cool clothes, bags and designs that Ty had created for Boey. They even set up her mannequins!! The girls at the country club did a fantastic job!! Boey was radiating the entire time, nothing makes us happier in this world than to see Boey free of all the horrible treatment and pain and cherishing every second of being who she is!! She is making up for a year and a half of lost childhood and radiating God’s awesome healing power and Glory!! Thank you Jesus!! We have some fabulous pics on the way…Boey and her friends look like little professional models on the out Tyra LOL!! After the fashion show, the girls worked up quite an appetite and wanted to go to Shari’s, one of Boey’s favorite restaurants. Rob and I were just sitting there thanking our Awesome God for healing our baby girl. It was only three months ago when she was laying on the couch unable to move, depressed, and in terrible pain. Here she was laughing hysterically with her girlfriends, walking a runway(one of her dreams), and enjoying every second with her friends and being a little girl. Boey is literally an eating machine..every hour we hear “I’m hungry”!! LOL!! What a beautiful sound (we couldn’t get her to eat before and she had lost a very scary amount of weight)!! She has gained over 10 lbs in three months!! Yes!! Praise God!!

Boey was so excited about the fashion show and can’t wait till the next one(if there’s any fashion gurus looking for runway models Boey and her friends would love to hear from you)! In honor of Boey and her dreams to find a cure, we are working on launching a national line of Boey’s Boutique clothing and half of the proceeds will be going towards a cure for pediatric cancer!! This is VERY exciting!! We will keep everyone updated as this unfolds. If there are any boutiques interested in helping us in our fashion for a cure please contact us here. In the meantime, Boey is busy making beautiful pillows by hand to give to all her warrior friends at the hospital. She woke up one morning last week and started making the most beautiful pillows all hand-stitched herself!! These are very special pillows. Every stitch was done with so much love..she can’t wait to give them to her little warrior friends!!

As of right now, Boey is scheduled for her next MRI on Dec. 28th. There will be no better Christmas present than the perfect awesome scan report we will receive that day!! We want to remind all of Boey’s prayer warriors that right now is the most critical time to be praying for complete protection over Boey. She has been touched by the awesome healing power of God and we know that once someone has received their healing the enemy wants nothing more than to steal that away. He does NOT want God to get the Glory and he especially does not want us giving testimony to the world. But thank God we know the truth. The devil is a defeated foe(one day when we die we will look back at this cowardly spineless little blob on the ground and think “is this what caused us so much pain and suffering”?)and he CAN NOT hurt our daughter again!! She has received her healing and he will never steal it away from her!! EVER!! Boey is completely healed by the blood of Jesus!

God is working through our daughter in so many powerful ways. She has been praying and ministering to other sick children in the hospital and is on fire for her King!! We have been asked to give testimony to a large church in Oregon. We can’t wait to travel to different churches and give our powerful testimony of how awesome, merciful, loving, and glorious our God is!! She needs our prayers of protection. These next scans are absolutely critical. The last two scans have been revealing the manifestation of her healing PRAISE GOD!! Dr. Stork and the entire nursing team are completely baffled as you know by these latest scans. The doctor pretty much expects a recurrence of cancer and for Boey to be taken out by this horrid disease. We DO NOT RECEIVE HER REPORT!! WE RECEIVE THE WORD OF GOD!! BOEY WILL NOT DIE BUT LIVE TO DECLARE THE WORKS OF THE LORD!! THANK YOU JESUS!! Boey claims her healing everyday with healing scriptures!!

I want to make it clear that last May when Boey recurred, we were nowhere near where we are now in our faith and walk with the Lord. This is why our testimony is so important and powerful. Our faith and walk with the Lord is a direct reflection of her healing. I didn’t know the authority we had in Christ, that it was God’s will to heal EVERYBODY. That the devil causes sickness and disease, but God’s Word is medicine to our flesh. I didn’t know the power of believing and you will receive. I didn’t know that nothing pleases God more than our true faith in him(we believe with all our heart that his son died and rose again and by his blood we are saved and healed). Looking back I see how unprotected Boey was. We were comforted and carried along by other peoples prayers, but we did not realize that there is real authority and power in our prayers. We as her parents have the ultimate authority in believing and receiving her healing. Once we learned the truth, we taught her everything and she took it on like she knew it forever!! Boey faith has made her whole, she is a mighty powerful little prayer warrior!! I wrote a blog about David and explains the situation perfectly. Boey reminds us of little David who stood up to the huge Giant because of his confidence in the Lord. He was victorious because of his unwavering faith!!

Thank you to all of our mighty powerful awesome prayer warriors storming the heavens for our victorious little warrior!!! I was listening to a sermon and it helped us visualize our prayers as they approach heaven. Every time we pray and stand on scripture, the angels are dispatched to work on the circumstances because facts are temporary in this world and God’s truth transcends it. It takes the activation of our faith to see the truth come into the natural. I’d get mad when the doctors would tell us factually what to expect next(resistance to chemo, progressively getting worse, not living beyond nine months etc)because they were stating scientific fact based on about thousands of cases. But the truth that we tapped into in God’s Word (we received the healing purchased by Jesus on the cross)transcended the scientific facts and we are seeing this in the natural!!!! Nothing could be more satisfying or bring more Praise to GOD from our lips. Thank you for standing and believing with us and being a part of Boey’s miracle!! We want you to know that we feel your love and prayers!!

Boey loves reading her guest book entries. Last night we read a letter from a man named Mike from NY. We were all blown away. Mike, your letter moved us to tears and everything you wanted came true. Boey was beaming and she had tears of joy when she read how she’s inspired you to live. Thank you Mike C. from NY. Thank you to all of you who have touched us deeply with your letters of how our daughter’s faith, strength, courage, and love has impacted your life. We want to encourage you to continue sharing with us. It brings us so much happiness and joy to know that God is working through us and touching so many lives. God Bless all of you.