The voice of a warrior

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How to share her video and spread the word for a cure:

  • Post her video on your Myspace, Facebook, website
  • Add her video to your favorites on Youtube
  • Forward her video via e-mail to friends and family
  • Ask to have her video shown in your school or workplace
  • Contact your local TV station about maybe airing the video or doing something special to highlight Boey and kids like her fighting pediatric cancers

To learn more about how to help Boey and her family directly click here

To learn how you can help support children in many ways such as collecting hats, donating toys and gifts, and spreading awareness visit The Keep Hope Forever Foundation. (A child-teen based foundation of kids helping kids)

-Fee (Founder of the Keep Hope Forever Foundation) BELIVING FOR BOEY

Video created by the Keep Hope Forever Foundation

“Spreading hope on the wings of a butterfly”