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Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

Hey guys..the last two days have been AMAZING!!! PRAISE GOD!! We went to the hospital packed up and ready to stay awhile(yep..I tend to half the house LOL)and Boey got her blood counts. THe nurse came in and said “Boey’s not getting chemo for awhile cause her platelets are to low”. At first we were a little concerned, but quickly realized it’s all in God’s plan. All of us know Boey has been healed by the blood of Jesus, and this is God’s way of protecting her body from the chemo. Her bone marrow has been totallly zapped and she needs this time to recover. We are at total peace with her not having chemo until it’s time. God has Boey wrapped in his Holy else do you explain her phenomenal mindblowing energy level??? GOD IS SOOOOOO GOOD!! The doctors we’re completely floored when they realized she wasn’t taking ANY PAIN MEDS, and she hasn’t once complained of any pain and has more energy than all of us together!! Even when her hemoglobin was a 5.5(normal is 12 and up), she was bouncing off the walls and running around like the energizer Boey!! The doctors are absolutely thrilled and are calling her Super Boey..Boey just looks at them smiles and says “it’s all God”. God’s power radiates from Boey, and it is absolutely mindblowing to witness the amount of Faith and strength she has in God at 8 years old..just AWESOME!!! Dr. Faith came in and reported the good news that Boey is responding to the chemo. THANKYOU GOD!! Her tumor has shrunk and Dr. Faith said she’s just absolutely pleased with how well Boey is doing:)!! We are in the middle of a miracle, and we praise God for his faithfulness and the healing of our precious daughter. Boey was so funny, we love this Boeyism. After the doctor said she’s responding to the chemo, Boey pipes up in the background and says ” I’m responding to God not chemo”!! YEAHH GOOOO BOEY!!! We know God works through the medicine and the doctor’s, Boey knows this too, but her Faith is just so inspiring, she loves God so much!!

After the hospital visit, Rob decided that a trip to the coast was much needed. A break for all of us just to get away, draw close to God and pray. Boey lifted her hands up and praised God for her healing on the drive over, it was so awesome. We found the perfect place to stay and just crashed once we got there. None of us realized how totally exhausted we really were. We could not have picked a more beautiful day to wake up to. The sky was crystal clear and the water was gorgeous!!! We ate an awesome breakfast and after Boey and dad went swimming in the pool(I swear Boey has gills hidden somewhere lol, she LOVES to swim). Then we all headed down to the beach and had an absolute BLAST!!! Boey and I were running from the waves and building sand castles in the sun!! Couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day in the middle of God’s miracle!!! PLEASE NEVER STOP PRAYING and thanking God for this miracle!! We don’t know how long until the manifestation of her healing will take place, but we know it’s been done, and now we continue to stand strong in our unwavering Faith!! Thankyou for your neverending prayers and standing with us and BELIEVING!!! We love you all!!

June 26th Conquer Childhood Cancer Act & National Childhood Cancer Awareness Day

Monday, June 25th, 2007

Boey wants everyone to know about a VERY SPECIAL DAY!!!!! June 25-26, 2007 are Reach the Day:Conquer Childhood Cancer!!
Reach the Day: Conquer Childhood Cancer is a unifying call to the nation to fund the critical research necessary to cure children diagnosed with cancer. This national day of awareness will bring together children and adolescents with cancer, parents, families, friends, survivors, advocates and health care professionals from all around the country to sound the alarm for the vital need for a cure.
Families, patients, survivors and others touched by childhood cancer will gather in Washington DC to let members of Congress know that there is an urgent need for funding for childhood cancer. Scientific research must continue until we reach the day that every child diagnosed with cancer can be cured.As you know, the Conquer Childhood Cancer Act Bill is VERY CLOSE TO BOEY’S HEART. It is the bill that she got her warrior friend Senator Wyden to cosponsor, and ever since he’s signed more than 16 senators have signed on!! GOOOOO BOEY YEAHHH!!! She received her beautiful Congressional Record letter signed by Senator Wyden, talk about empowering!! YEAHH! SHe was BEAMING!! Boey REALLY wanted to attend this event in Washington D.C and we had planned on it a few months ago, but unfortunately this week she’ll be in treatment. She told me many times “Nothing is going to stop me mommy..not this dumb cancer, not being in a hospital bed getting chemo, NOTHING will stop me from finding a cure”!! This day IS VERY IMPORTANT TO HER, please click the link and write to your state representatives and senators, do whatever it takes to get their attention on behalf of Boey and all the little warriors fighting their battle!!! I urge you to follow this link to write a letter to your State Representatives and Senators. click the link above and write a letter now. Tell all your friends and family to write a letter on behalf of all the children who are suffering from this evil disease. Help us kick The #1 Disease Killer of Our Children right to the CURB FOREVER!! Do this for Boey and all the other brave young warriors fighting this disease. If Boey can fight this hard for a cure while battling this monster a second time around, let’s do EVERYTHING in our POWER to honor her!!! She is such an inspiration to the world, she deserves this and so much more!! Help her to achieve her dreams of a cure for cancer come true on this very special day!!! THANKYOU!!! 

Scan Results and Chemo on Monday

Saturday, June 23rd, 2007

Well, we survived Friday..we just submerged ourselves in the Word, thanked God for Boey’s healing and prayed while Boey was sedated and being scanned for four hours. We BELIEVE in our daughter’s healing and nothing will EVER shake our FAITH, we will NEVER GIVE UP!!! We just have to wait until Monday to get the results. Our entire family has been rejoicing in Boey’s victory, we all know that God’s work is done, and all of us are at peace. Especially Boey!!! Her last round of chemo she was seriously bouncing off the walls at the hospital, riding her trike around, laughing so loud that the nurses and docs kept coming in to see what was so funny, everyone was just blown away that she had five doses of chemo and was FULL OF LIFE!!! Rob and and some very wonderful awesome friends Denise and Riss were there and we were all overjoyed as we witnessed Boey’s miraculous recovery after chemo!!! THANKYOU GOD!!! On Thursday Boey did have to get a blood transfusion, her hemoglobin was 5.5 and normal is 12 and up…her platelets are super low too..which made it all even more confusing but AWESOME considering she should’ve had NO energy at all, but she was full of LIFE!! GOOOOO BOEY!! YEAHHH!!! So on Monday we’ll go in for chemo and hopefully get to come home on Saturday, UGH..LOOOOOOOONG WEEK:(. Not looking forward to coming home to a dryer, dishwasher and refrigerator that died on us!! AHHHH!! I couldn’t believe it!! Yesterday we come home and our frig with Boey’s very expensive GCSF meds in it CROAKED and the meds went bad!! SOOOOO FRUSTRATING!!! It is very stressful having things break down and then to travel so far away in a car that not only sounds like it’s going to blow up, but there’s NO ROOM!! AHH!!

This weekend Boey’s enjoying LIFE and she’s feeling great..we cherish every second of these moments!!! She’s going to have a special visitor today, her good friend Nay Nay(Lenea) who is a professional singer. Lenea learned Jesus Take The Wheel for Boey and is traveling all the way from Grants Pass to come sing it to her personally!! SOOO SWEET!!! Boey really loves her and they always have so much fun when they’re together. They have a very sweet and special bond. Boey told us yesterday while we were drivng home after her scans that she is healed and her whole body is whole!!! It was AWESOME!! What incredible strength and faith for an 8 year old..she is amazing!! She’s such an inspiration! Chris and Joe are having an awesome summer so far..Chris is highly committed to acting camp and having a blast. Joe will be starting Kid Spirit at OSU on Monday, lots of rock climbing and tons of cool activities for him..he can’t wait!! I can’t say this enough, I AM SO HONORED TO BE THE MOTHER TO THE THREE MOST AWESOME KIDS IN THE WORLD!! Hug your kids and tell them how much you love them, they are such a blessing!!! As soon as we have reports on Monday I’ll be posting, till then ((((HUGS)))))

Boey and Boys Enjoying Life:)

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

You would never know she’s had 30 days of radiation and 10 doses of harsh toxic chemos so far, you’d just never know. She’s doing amazing!! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve updated, but warrior mama took an unexpected thrashing from food poisoning and was in the hospital for a couple days. Salmonella UGHHHHHH!!! Unfortunately it was from one of our favorite restaurants..tragically I’ll never be able to eat there again:(, but THANKGOD everybody else is OK. I was running a 105.5 temp when Rob picked me up after I basically passed out from dehydration and took me to the ER. Salmonella is NASTY!!!!!! I’m still achy and taking meds, but I guess the nurse said I could’ve died if hubby didn’t bring me in, so now I owe him my life and gratefully so!!

Boey’s been having the time of her life with her brothers at grammie’s. All the kids have been staying there until I get better and we knew what in the heck was wrong with me (they just told me today). She’s busy playing outside and just really enjoying life, it’s awesome!! I miss my kids like crazy though, can’t wait to see them!! Chris is busy at Adventures in Acting Camp during the day, then football practice for Crescent Valley which we are very excited about!! He made the football team and he’s VERY excited!! He graduated on Thursday and had a blast at the graduation party afterwards, it was so good for him to just hang out with his friends and not worry about all the other stuff going on. Joe is getting ready to go to OSU Kid Spirit. He’s not sure what to think since he’s never been there, but we all know he’s going to love it!! Boey is very lucky to have such awesome big brothers. They’ve been taking such good care of her and spending tons of time doing everything together, it’s AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Boey has her scans this Friday at 7a.m, so it’ll be a long day. They’ll do a brain and lower back MRI, which we’ll take 4 hours, then blood counts, so we’ll be there all day. We’ll be rejoicing with the awesome news as soon as we get home!! She goes in for her next dose of chemo on Monday the 25th - 29th. UGH. She HATES traveling in my car, and I can’t blame her. It’s like a can of sardines, we have so much stuff from wheelchair to suitcases, bags, the list goes on. By the time she gets in the back seat there’s like hardly any room for her to sit there…it’s so wrong!!! I wish we could bring Rob’s van but it’s his work van and there’s no way with all his chemicals and work stuff..NO WAYYYYYY!!! After a year and a half of doing this, I think it’s safe to say we need a family vehicle!! AHHHHHHHH!!! We know God will provide, it’s just frustrating cause it’s such a long trip and it’s just not fair to her.

Please take time to visit one of Boey’s VERY SPECIAL warrior friends at Doernbecher’s. Her name is Baby Lexie, you can visit her here

 Boey’s always wanted a baby sister in the worst way, so whenever we’re admitted on our stays, it takes everything for Boey to not kidnap beautiful baby Lexie lol!!! Baby Lexie is not only THE cutest baby alive, she is the most amazing resilient BRAVEST little warrior ever!!!! You will be blown away by how she’s defied the odds and her determination to LIVE!!!! She’s our little hero. She needs prayer warriors!!!  Let’s bombard heaven for this little warrior, she needs us!! Take a moment to pray for sweet baby Lexie.

Heavenly Father, I ask you now in Jesus’s name to come and touch baby Lexie, heal her, deliver her from this cancer, set her free from all sickness and affliction. We stand strong on your word Lord. Your word is life and it is truth, you promised healing to those that believe and we all believe in our hearts that Lexie is healed of cancer. We curse every cancer cell in her body and command it to die in the name of Jesus, that her body would be made whole. Give the family strength Lord. Protect their hearts, minds, and spirits from the enemy. Our Faith is unwaivering Lord, and we praise you God for your awesome healing power. Thankyou for healing Lexie through the amazing doctors and nurses at Doernbecher’s, they are gifts from you, thankyou God. Thankyou for this precious family. Wrap them tightly in your awesome love AMEN.

Luke 12:32

“Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”




Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

 SHE DID IT!! Boey has gone down in US History in the Congressional Record!! Boey was BEAMING with PRIDE!! In her excitement she asked us if this meant they had more more money for a cure, then she quickly remembered that she kinda needs the President to sign it and was like “oh yeah duh” LOL. She is bouncing off the walls!! I’m sure you can imagine what came next..yep..looks like a Washington D.C trip through either Armstrong or Cure Search, she’s a force to be reckoned with so I have NO doubt it’ll happen!!!! She’ll have the actual Congressional REcord itself signed by Wyden in a couple days, can’t wait to share the pics!! One of my friends cracked me up today..she told me that Boey reminded her of a super hero, so she calls her Super Boey now..haha to cute. It is pretty mindboggling when you think of HOW MUCH she’s accomplished in her little life, but more significantly what she’s accomplished in the last month since her relapse. She didn’t let it keep her down for long. It’s like WOW!!! She’s not only completely VICTORIOUS in kickin some cancer bootie, but she rocks at making US HISTORY!! YEAH!!! That’s right Boey girl, go get em’ em’ what you’re made of!!!! YEAHHH!!! All of you warrior’s out there, you are not alone, this one’s for YOU!!!!! Boey loves you and our whole family is going to do whatever it takes to find a cure!!!! Boey’s smile is lighting up the world!!! I can’t imagine what she’ll do when the bill’s actually signed lol!!! Thankyou sweet Boey for your determination, love, strength, courage, compassion, passion, FAITH, heart of gold, FOR NEVER GIVING UP, YOU ROCKKKKKKK!!! WE LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!! 

(Below is the actual link to the Thomas Library that’ll take you straight to the Congressional Record so you can print it out or view it etc).

CONQUER CHILDHOOD CANCER ACT — (Senate - June 06, 2007) [Page: S7173] GPO’s PDF — Mr. WYDEN. Mr. President, I would like to take a few moments to talk about 8-year-old Jenessa Byers, known as “Boey” by her friends and family. Last year, Boey was diagnosed with a very rare childhood cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma. Showing tremendous courage and strength as she underwent radiation and chemotherapy, Boey battled the cancer into remission. Unfortunately, that cancer returned and Boey is back in treatment undergoing radiation and chemotherapy once again. While I was in Oregon over the recess, I had a chance to visit with Boey and her family at the Children’s Cancer Center at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, as well as with other children at the hospital who are battling a variety of childhood cancers. Boey refers to herself as a warrior in the fight against cancer, and there is no doubt about it, Boey is a warrior. As I witnessed firsthand when I visited her last week, she is fighting the cancer as hard as she can. This in itself makes Boey a very brave and very special little girl. But what makes her especially amazing is that in spite of what she is going through, Boey has been working tirelessly to help other children who are also battling cancer. Each month, she donates special bears and handmade cards titled “Be Strong” to other children at the hospital. The day before her eighth birthday last month, Boey participated as a survivor in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, for which she raised over $500. In addition, she has raised money to help fight cancer on a local radiothon, and she has raised awareness using her own videos, which she has posted on YouTube. Because of Boey’s incredible compassion and determination to help the other children fighting cancer, she was recently asked to be a spokesperson for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. On May 31, she spoke about her experiences at a reception for the Children’s Miracle Network. Just this past weekend, she was featured in a segment of the Doernbecher Children’s Miracle Network Telethon. While I was visiting Boey, she asked me to cosponsor the Conquer Childhood Cancer Act. Introduced by Senators Reed and Coleman, this act would provide critical resources for the treatment, prevention, and cure of childhood cancer. The act would authorize $150 million over a 5-year period to expand support for biomedical research programs of the existing National Cancer Institute-designated multicenter national infrastructure for pediatric cancer research. It would also establish a population-based national childhood cancer registry; enable researchers to more accurately study the incidence of childhood cancers and long-term effects of treatments; and provide funding for informational and educational services to families coping with a diagnosis of childhood cancer. The Conquer Childhood Cancer Act brings hope to the more than 12,500 children who are diagnosed with cancer each year, as well as more than 40,000 children and adolescents currently being treated for childhood cancers. On behalf of Boey and the other courageous and wonderful children I met at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital recently, and every child with cancer, I would like to announce that I am cosponsoring the Conquer Childhood Cancer Act. I will be working with my colleagues to get this bill signed into law so that we can find a cure for childhood cancer once and for all.