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March 17th, 2006

Thanks for visiting my site and signing my guest book. Please note that all comments must be approved first and thus won’t show up right away. Post as often as you like and we will post them as soon as we read em.  Thank you, Boey loves reading the guest book. ;)

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    Sylvio Says:

    Hi,my name is Sylvio,I’m 34 years old,from Montreal, Canada. Only yesterday,I heard about Boey’s story. As soon as I saw the commercial for the show,something told me I had to watch it! I have to tell you,it changed my life. There is so much I would like to tell you.2010-06-03,”Boey” changed my life and I will continue her fight by helping kids in my neighbourhood.

  2. 4495
    Mégane Says:

    Boey your my idol I know your in they paradise but you my IDOL :) I watch a video of you and I cry and im 11 years old I wich you r in good hand :)


  3. 4494
    Jean-Sebastian Bergeron Says:

    Hi Boey,
    I encourage you in your fight against your cancer. Is courage and never give up. You will win this fight. Love

    Jean-Sebastian Bergeron

  4. 4493
    Carrie from Quebec City Says:

    Hello, I just watch the show Extreme Makeover. I could not help crying until the end. My god, it’s terrible diseases should not exited. Good luck, your daughter is now an angel watching over you.
    Big hug to you all

  5. 4492
    Michèle Says:

    Bonjour la famille Byers !

    Je demeure au Québec dans la belle région du Saguenay et je viens de connaitre Boey grace a l’émission “Les Anges de la Rénovation”. Je tiens a vous dire que votre fille était vraiment un ANGE descendu du ciel. Elle est et sera toujours présente dans votre vie. Tout comme moi, elle vient de prendre une place dans ma vie et cela même si je ne l,ai pas cotoyée. Boey était une grande dame dans un corps de petite fille. Vous devez en être très fier.
    Repose en paix ma belle Boey et je suis extrêmement heureuse d’avoir connue ton histoire ainsi que ta courte vie via la télévision. Tu m’as vraiment émue petite princesse guerrière xxx

  6. 4491
    Laurence Lejeune Says:

    Dear Byers Family

    My son and I just watched extreme makeover for your family in the Canadian Television (French Canada so sorry if my english is not perfect)

    During the show my sonTristan who will turn 4 in one month just wanted Boey to be his friend and wanted to invite her in our home.

    I didn’t have the heart to explain that she passed away but he was really aware that she was sick and having pain. So he wanted to be his friend so that she will stop being sad. As he says in French “elle a un nuage dans le coeur, je veux etre son ami pour qu’elle n’ait plus de nuage dans le coeur” which could be translated by : She has a cloud in her heart so I want to be his friend so that the cloud disappears”

    I found it so nice that I wanted to tell her family about it. I am so sorry for your loss, I have been working in cancer research labs for many years I hope one day we will succeed . There are so many scientists out there that are working countless hours to improve our understanding of this terrible disease . They are in their labs, not in the hospital but their commitment is strong and not necessary well known.

    So now my won is happy because we wrote to Boey …
    Laurence and Tristan

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